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Please give this a read, even if you skim it, it will be worth your while.

GrandTheftAutoV10 - Please give this a read, even if you skim it, it will be worth your while.

The moderators on this sub.

Can we even say they’re moderators? Half of them stick to discord, some are completely inactive and the others delete posts only, no comments, no postings from them. Complete radio silence.

Our sub is nearing one million members, that’s a lot of people to police and watch over. The sub has 8 moderators that don’t make themselves known. Lots of bullshit get by, lots of rule violations, absolute racism and toxicity. I reported someone 19+ hours ago for telling me and my fellow Redditors on this sub to kill them selves in horrific ways. It took them 19 hours. When I reported it to one of the mods I got this response: “Then the Moderators will deal with it.” I reported it to another one and got this response: “I'll take a look, thank you for letting me know. I haven't been super active there lately so I'll see what I can do.” after messaging the one half of the active mods on this sub, they actually dealt with the problem. One problem, the guy, not the other one on where they have lost interest in the sub.

I asked a simple question:

“Reported it about 19 hours ago now, he continues to tell kids to off themselves. Half the moderators don’t do anything on the sub, the other half do stuff within the shadows. No one follows the rules or gives a shit.

Get more people in to moderate, the sub is nearly at a million people, where 8 people who are rarely on can’t control it.”


All I got back was “He’s been dealt with.”

It would be beneficial to all the people here to get active mods on the sub, who don’t just lurk in the shadows but actually post and comment, talking to the community is big, making friends and becoming one of the people. Not the big overseer who won’t respond to the lesser people of the sub.

They are extraordinarily active on the SUBS DISCORD, but not on the sub itself.

Obviously most people won’t read this because it’s not a meme or a 10 second clip of someone doing something menial, but it’s true. Something needs to be done.

I know I’ll get backlash and probably banned, but someone needs to speak up. I’m happy to respond to any questions or concerns in the comments. Don’t be a stranger, let’s talk.

Tl;Dr: the mods are supper disconnected from the community, I had to go directly to their DMs on a different platform to get them to stop Someone from telling kids to off themselves. New mods needed to keep the 700k+ sub going strong.

Edit: the post was temporarily removed due to the sheer amount of reports against it, thanks to Psychko, the good mod, it is back up. The message has been heard. Now we wait.

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