Grand Theft Auto V

[PS4] Join our Safe Grief Free Sessions!!! Join today!

GrandTheftAutoV2 - [PS4] Join our Safe Grief Free Sessions!!! Join today!

Hey There! Welcome to the Phoenix Rising Recruitment Post!
Here you will find who we are, what we do and how to join us.


About us:

We are a mature & democratically run PS4-based crew with the purpose of providing safe and grief-free sessions where you can socialise, meet new people and make bank! We have over 250 members with 24 hour active sessions.

Phoenix Rising has been built with our members in mind. The structure of our crew maximises both productivity and enjoyment, both of which are our top priorities. Upon entry to the crew you will be welcomed into our elite base of friendly members where you can learn how to improve your grinding, polish up your combat skills and work towards an efficient GTA playstyle for making tons of money whilst having fun.

We offer a variety of roles for you to get involved within our various departments, ranging from our light hearted military roleplay combat division to our vehicle focused motor works department.


What we do:

• Our dedicated team of pvp players will defend you in our crew sessions, keeping your product safe and helping you make millions of sweet shark card free GTA dollars!

• Offer top quality advice from our team of veteran players to get newcomers up to speed and in the best possible position to maximise profits efficiently.

• Our leadership team and highly experienced crew mates are always on hand to aid in the smooth running and sustainability of our crew. If any issues arise, we will sort them out right away.


• We offer roles to newcomers to enhance the experience of GTAO and use the game to its full potential.


How it works:

Authority, respect and role-playing through advancing our ranks by becoming a successful and engaging member of our crew. As a democratic crew we take our member's opinions and suggestions very seriously and consider them with every decision we make. We have a large emphasis on hosting crew events including our weekly car shows hosted by our team of petrolheads!

If you like the idea of hosting new and exciting events, we would love to welcome you into our crew. We have carefully designed and built a platform, on which you can easily organise and host crew events to your hearts content!


Communication is key:

We coordinate by texting on Discord and voice comms in game where our hosts provide completely safe crew sessions for you to get rich and socialise in.

• Note: Using text in Discord is mandatory whilst you are present in a crew session. (Discord is both mobile phone & desktop friendly)


Join us today!

Follow this one simple step! Connect to our enrolment Discord server right 👉HERE

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