Grand Theft Auto V

PvP is a huge part of GTA. Change my mind.

GrandTheftAutoV4 - PvP is a huge part of GTA. Change my mind.

Let me tell you about myself. I’m the player that if you run into, in a lot of cases, I will kill you. I love jumping in a Hydra/B11/Starling and wreck havoc on anyone and everyone, only to inevitably get shot down, then continue the destruction on foot. I have some remorse. I don’t target people selling stuff explicitly (though if I happen to run into you, it’ll become a “wrong place wrong time” situation). My goal isn’t to make you rage quit, and to be frank, I couldn’t give less of a shit about your reaction. I have no goal. It’s just fun. The military vehicles in this game are fun to use (except oppressor mk2, fuck you broomstick riders). It’s truly, a method of enjoyment in this game for me.

Now to my point. There’s a mixed variety of you. Some of you have the same energy as me, and I love when I run into you. It results in a chaotic, fun battle, with lots of kills and wasted screens. Some of you actively try to run away or use passive mode, which I simply then turn my attention elsewhere. But quite a bit of you whine. In fact, a lot of you whine. You whine and use the term “grieeeef!!!1!!1!” You get emotional and clearly take it way too seriously, which is probably what the comment section is gonna be like. Allow me to tell you: someone killing you in GRAND THEFT AUTO is not griefing. You’re a criminal, and a rival criminal just whooped your ass. What are you gonna do? Cry to the criminal and say it’s not fair? Stop. You’re embarrassing yourself. Don’t feel like fighting at the moment? Leave the area. Is the guy more of a dick than me and is constantly following you to get a rise out of you? Go into passive mode. Stop being a bitch.


Let me ask you something now, just out of curiosity. In a game with so many vehicles, so many ways to kill someone, would you enjoy it without a threat? Do you like flying around in your Hydra or Oppressor, driving around in your APC/Stromberg, but not actually use its weapons against other players? Is that a Los Santos you’d enjoy? What are you gonna use your guns on? Cops? Civilians? I guess you could say you enjoy the wide variety of cars in the game, I sure as hell do. If that’s the case and you just wanna drive around in free roam, I’ll say it again, passive mode.

You know I’m not a griefer. I don’t mod and ruin your game, spawn kill super low levels, nor do I wait outside your vehicle warehouse for you to export a car. I simply offer you the challenge the game doesn’t. I make you use your weaponized vehicles and guns. I remind you that you’re playing GTA 5, not FarmVille. Thank you for my TED talk. Let the games begin.

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