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Question RE: Corrupt Save Files & R* Support.

GrandTheftAutoV1 - Question RE: Corrupt Save Files & R* Support.

Just gonna throw this out there and ask you all if anyone else has run into these problems. Apologies if this is inappropriate content. (I don't think it breaks any rules)

So a little over a fortnight ago, minding my own business in an empty lobby and another player joins. After about 10-20 mins, my game starts going weird, my controls are released (can only view cinematic mode), some random dude pops into my car, laces me with stickies blows me sky high and my game crashes.

Try logging in again afterwards, corrupt save file, contact R* Support, sorted there and then, blank save and my $/RP restored. Kinda annoying to me, but I took it as a fresh route on my save.

So FF to two days ago, I'm in a lobby with a few more people this time, and the global chat comes alive with chatter of someone modding, kinda annoying, everyone bands together to kick them from the lobby.

So I guess they either didn't leave, rejoined not sure. After about 5 mins, my character gets a camp fire rammed through her midriff setting me on fire repeatedly, so I immediately ESC -> Quit GTA Online and then load back in… SAVE FILE CORRUPT.

So contact R* support again, this time the staff member elevates my claim like before, I'm passed through about 4 different staff members, asking for DXDiag/msinfo32 files, speed tests and the likes, I'm elevated to "support tier 2" staff member who notices my driver isn't up to date so I update that, still unable to get online and the support staff have gone dead on me for 8+ 20+ hours.

  • Has anybody else had a corrupt save file twice in the narrow space of around 2 weeks?

  • How helpful have the support staff been to you?


I appreciate the consensus is R* have all but given up on GTA V, and admittedly I am so very late to the party but I've pumped money into this game like nobodies business, what is going on?!

EDIT#1: That's 20+ Hours, not 8 sorry.

EDIT#2: Hassling them on twitter now xD

EDIT#3: Getting ignored on twitter along with my support emails. GG R*.

Conclusion: So i ended up opening another ticket, and got the same operator from the day before called Nick, (what are the chances right?!) he went through endless amounts of steps to try to avoid a character reset, (while Moses on "Support tier 2" frittered away in my email inbox. suggesting i flush my DNS cache like i don't have a brain cell and didn't try that before i even contacted them and even included that i had taken these steps in my initial ticket.) alas no avail. A reset was executed, they reimbursed me 10,000,000 GTA$ which is utter, utter bullshit as the previous time i was awarded 8,000,000 GTA$ and had purchased a 3,500,000 card since then, plus earned a shit load on top of that. No further contact. no apologies for the 30+ hours you couldn't play our game because of our shitty moderating process, no heres an extra $100,000 for the inconvenience of this happening twice in a fortnight

No sir, Im actually in the red because of something that wasn't my fault.

Nick J was possibly one of the best support staff members I have ever dealt with, so y'know every cloud.

Rockstar used to be a good company.

Best of luck RDR2 players!

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