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(Rant about businesses) I’ve never been so genuinely pissed off by a game before

GrandTheftAutoV7 - (Rant about businesses) I've never been so genuinely pissed off by a game before

I have spent ages working up for an MC business, since I started playing on PC, really. It feels like whenever I've been playing, I've been grinding money towards this. I won't go into detail, but I've had some real shit experiences this month, and really, this year, and GTA had quickly become a consistent distraction for me. It gave me something to do in my freetime, other than dwelling on bad shit that was going on.

So, when I finally got it. I was pretty fucking happy. It's sad, but it felt like a genuine achievement. For someone who's been feeling very shit recently, it felt like I had succeeded in something. I've been doing supply runs, mostly. Made on delivery, and decided to save up, in bulk, to save time. 6 hours of playing, while doing other activities, and after about 7 supply runs, I made up $120,000 worth of product. Pretty pleased with that.


Then, my first raid. I was actually excited to see what it had in store. Raced down to the warehouse on my bike, saw a bunch of enemies just fucking dumped outside the warehouse, and… died in one shot, from a helicopter. Pretty annoying, but whatever, I can try again. Except, then I see "busted". I can't try again. I somehow failed. I died once, while driving past, barely had time to survey the area. Immediately, I died, and lost EVERYTHING. I had no fucking warning this would happen. They spam me with notifications about nightclubs constantly, but they can't spare ONE fucking notification, at the start of the raid, to say "if you make one slight mistake, you lose everything"? BULLSHIT! My business is shut down. SIX HOURS of stockpiling is gone. SEVEN supply runs, that I put time into this game, is fucking gone. And, just to really add insult to injury, I know how to see "Raided: 1" every fucking time I log into my business, because of an unlucky shot. I'm genuinely livid. I was so excited to started up this business, that I put real money into the game. Not much, but still, I'm not exactly rich. And this was the most gutting fucking thing I've ever experienced in the game. Genuine felt like a punch to my gut when I saw that.

It probably means nothing, to most people. "It's just a game", "get over it", etc etc. I doubt anyone really cares about my issues with the game. But, as someone who is going through Hell at the moment, this was a genuine fucking slap to the face, and I wanted to vent about it somewhere.

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