Grand Theft Auto V

Seeking advice on console gameplay for story mode

GrandTheftAutoV3 - Seeking advice on console gameplay for story mode

Hi, just joined this subreddit as I just picked up the game on PS4. I have played through on PC (actually got 100%) previously, but decided I wanted to get into the online version and picked the whole game up for cheap on PS4. I have run into so many problems in story mode I never had on PC and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction to address them. I'm playing story mode to warm up and get used to the controller, but also just to play through.

First thing, is there an updated bug list I can look to to fix a couple bugs? One, I had to force skip two missions now because I couldn't trigger Los Santos Customs for fixing Amanda's car or buy clothes for the Lifeinvader mission. So frustrating. I had to just keep getting killed until it let me skip. Two, ammunation won't trigger a selection screen. I just stand there frozen. It will eventually let me go, but I can't buy anything. I did restart my entire PS4, losing some progress as a result (but that's on me), and did get another ammunation to trigger. But this shouldn't be happening.


Second thing, I think I am not understanding how to aim. On PC it was easy, you could move the mouse and pick your targets. I was able to do pretty well and never had an issue with how it played. But, jesus fucking christ, how anyone can shoot anything on the console version is beyond me. Is there some secret? I do use assisted aiming during missions which works ok, I guess, but that is useless in the car and, for fuck's sake, the shooting range of all places is impossible. I got a few bronze, but I can't even break 2500 on the machine gun challenges. This is ridiculous, how did anyone even bother to continue playing? I feel like I'm missing something. How the hell do you ever hit anything while driving and shooting?! Adjusting sensitivity isn't seeming to help, either. I don't know if there is an "ideal" setting.

Lastly, is there a way to remap buttons on the controller? It's like the developer looked into my mind and thought, "what will be the least-intuitive setup that will ruin this guy's enjoyment the most?" I cannot get used to the controller. I want almost everything somewhere else. Where I thought things would be set never are. Just painful to get used to.

Anyway, if there is anywhere that addresses all this stuff, let me know. I'm thinking of asking for a refund, it's just not enjoyable at all at the moment, and I haven't even started online, which is what I actually wanted it for.

(Also, do you have to pay for a PS network account to play online? On PC it was free…)

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