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Since Special Cargo is on 2x again this week, here are some tips to optimize the grind

GrandTheftAutoV9 - Since Special Cargo is on 2x again this week, here are some tips to optimize the grind

I will include both obvious tips that've been posted multiple times already and stuff that a lot of people might not know about


1) Get at least two (preferably large) warehouses. That way, you can avoid the cooldown timer on one warehouse by filling up another. Even better if they are located close to each other 2) If you have a Terrorbyte, park it in front of one of your warehouses to start source missions from there. If you don't have it, i recommend investing in it, it will be more than worth it in the long run 3) Owning a flying vehicle with lock-on missiles is super helpful with speeding up the grind. Best vehicles are Opressor Mk.2, Deluxo and/or Buzzard. Mk.2 can be stored in Terrorbyte, Buzzard can be called from CEO menu, Deluxo has super accurate missiles. Oppressor Mk.1 is okay too, although it might be a bit tricky to handle sometimes and you won't be able to complete the Boat source mission on it 4) Inside your warehouse, there will be a workbench where you can upgrade your vehicles. Necessity of the upgrades depends on your skill and whether you plan to sell in Public Lobbies, but some are absolute must: Speed upgrade for Tug boat and Bulletproof tyres for Brickade. 5) Office location doesn't matter, anything goes

Source missions:

1) After you start the source mission, open your map. If the warehouse you are sourcing to is visible on the map, it is "3 crates" mission. If it is not visible, it is a "Collect the vehicle" mission 2) (ONLY IF YOU SOURCE SOLO) If it is "3 crates mission", check if the crates are not too far away from the warehouse you're sourcing to. If it is more than 3 km away on the GPS, blow up 2 crates and deliver the 3rd one. Seems like a waste of crates, but you will save a lot of time in long term. 3) If it is a gang ambush, your flying vehicle with missiles will lock on them automatically, so you can just straight go in guns blazing. Pick them apart from distance and clear the area before approaching your van. And don't worry about accidentally blowing it up: the van will be indestructible BEFORE you get into the van 4) If it is police ambush, vehicle will not automatically lock on, but the police will be quite easy to spot with their unmarked Cruisers and SUVs. Either kill them all, enter the van and call Lester to lose 3 stars, OR let them kill you AFTER you trigger the ambush and then enter the van uninterrupted. Both methods work 5) If it is a van driving away (either stolen by gang member or a police van), just call up a Sanchez from CEO menu (free vehicle, even if you don't own it). Shoot the driver then enter the vehicle. If it is police van, shoot the side windows: windshields are bulletproof on these (unless you have Armor Piercing Rounds, then go for the windshield) 6) If it is Trackify mission, there will already be 2 points on your phone as soon as you start the app and 3rd point will appear soon after. That 3rd point is where your cargo will be. 7) If it is "4 random cargos appearing on the map" mission, immediately open the map as soon as you get the message from your Assistant. 4 vehicles with your cargo will appear on the map one after another and flicker for some time. The last cargo to stop flickering on the map is where your cargo will be 8) If it is a "Boat on the outskirts" source mission, destroy the vehicles, then VERY accurately hover over the crates to pick them up (if you're in a helicopter), OR drive straight over them (if you're in Op Mk.2: as long as you don't pitch down, you'll be fine). I don't own a Deluxo, so i don't know the tactic for that unfortunately 9) If it is "Snipe the targets to reveal the van" mission, don't bother with vantage points, just go in guns blazing. Your homing missiles will lock on the targets either way. 10) If it is "3 Helicopters" mission, just blow them up in your flying vehicle and pick up the crates, ez pz 11) If it is "Merryweather chopper" mission, take your flying vehicle and KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. Chopper has a gunner that shoots explosive rounds with tremendous accuracy (so accurate infact, they can shoot you off your Oppressor Mk.2 without blowing up the Opressor itself. Been there, tried that). Get just close enough for your homing missiles to lock on and blow the chopper up. It is much easier after that


Optimization tips:

1) Useful tip if you have a Terrorbyte with Oppressor Mk.2. If your Mk.2 is left somewhere else on the map (say, you approached the vehicle with crates on your Mk.2, drove the van to the warehouse while the Mk.2 is left behind), request an Oppressor Mk.2 from your Terrorbyte menu before entering your Terrorbyte. Your Mk.2 will appear in the Terrorbyte. If Mk.2 is your active Personal Vehicle, calling Personal Vehicle and then entering the Terrorbyte also works 2) If you deliver 3 crates to the warehouse one by one, don't enter the delivery marker with your vehicle. Instead, park in front of the warehouse entrance and enter it on foot. This will skip the temporary black screen ( the one with crate unpacking sound) and you will appear right next to the warehouse exit (instead of in the middle of it), saving you some seconds 3) Sometimes when you pick up your crate or van, some gang members with follow you and try to kill you. They spawn in pairs: two vehicles with one or two gang members in each of them drive-bying you. The vehicles they appear in and the weapons they have differ from time to time and they have ridiculous accuracy. However, the enemy waves are NOT endless: if you kill everyone in the 4 waves, you can drive to your warehouse in peace

Sell missions:

1) Boat missions are the easiest ones. Either clean up the ambush at the place you pick up the boat and then drive it in peace, or you pick up the boat uninterrupted and some enemies in Seasharks will appear. Either way, both missions are super easy and very doable 2) Brickade missions are quite easy aswell, although there's more variety. Delivery point might be already revealed from the start, or you must find it with Trackify. It can be 1 Brickade or 3 Brickades (depending on the amount you're selling, full Large Warehouse are certainly 3 Brickades). Sometimes, there's extra bonus if you deliver the van without damage. Sometimes, enemy NPC might apppear. Sometimes, you might get ambushed at the delivery point and you must clear the place out. Either way, everything is doable 3) Plane missions are the hardest and most time consuming of the bunch. You either get a Cuban 800 or Titan and you must either drop off cargo at certain points or just fly the plane to one designated spot. If it is drop off missions, enter the sell plane to reveal drop off locations, pick up your flying vehicle and check EVERY SINGLE drop off point. Sometimes they are empty, sometimes there are enemies camping the spots (which you absolutely need to clear out). After that, pick up your plane and drop off the cargo. Sometimes, the last pick up point is revealed after the other ones are done, and it might either be a drop off point over restricted area (after which you get 3 star wanted level which you need to escape, which is relatively easy), or you must land on the landing strip, at the end of which enemies will appear to try and kill you. Not so easy, but nevertheless doable: park your plane at a distance and pick them off with a sniper rifle If it is a "Designated spot" mission, it will be almost certainly be guarded by enemies, in which case, again, you need to park your plane someplace else and then pick the off before delivering the plane

IMPORTANT NOTE: Plane drop off missions are sometimes glitchy: cargo drop sometimes doesn't register, even though the prompt to drop cargo disappears, which can jeopardize your whole sell mission. If that's the case, IMMEDIATELY switch sessions: you will only lose 3 crates and get a sell cooldown timer

If I forgot anything, or mixed up some stuff, or you have a tip of your own to add, fell free to write in the comments. I will update the post accordingly

Happy hunting/grinding 🙂

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