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Single Player DLCs: So Much Wasted Potential

GrandTheftAutoV1 - Single Player DLCs: So Much Wasted Potential

If this looks familiar, I also posted this in r/GTAV. I just wanna spread my thoughts out as much as possible.

Obviously a big selling point of Grand Theft Auto V was GTA Online, but that’s a shit show for another rant. They had so much potential to make a good single player DLC and they didn’t take advantage of it. Here’s a couple ideas me and my friends came up with.

The Rise of Trevor Phillips Industries:

This would take place between the events of the prologue and the main storyline. The DLC would focus mainly on Trevor and his role as the leader of his drugs/arms trafficking business. In this rendition of the story, you play as Trevor and possibly Wade or Ron. It’s set mostly in Blaine County, but has missions and exports in Los Santos. The objective of the storyline is to build up T.P.I. from the ground into the dominant trafficking business in the state. You would face off against gangs such as the Triads, the Lost, and other small operations. An idea similar to this was clearly popular among Rockstar, as this was the idea behind the Series A Funding heist in GTA Online, but I think it would’ve been cool to see this as a full fledged DLC.

Grove Street Stories:

This would also take place before the events of the main story. This DLC focuses on a younger Franklin and Lamar and their ambitions to make it in the gang world of Los Santos. You could play as both Franklin and Lamar, and the story would focus on their struggles as two bit gangsters as they face off against the Ballas. This could possibly involve CJ and other Grove Street Gang members from GTA:SA, whether directly or through callbacks and stories. This would have given Franklin a deeper character arc as he transformed from a kid with love for the streets into the man that wanted to make something of himself that he was at the beginning of the main story.


Midwestern Stick Up Crew:

This would take place prior to the prologue and feature Michael, Trevor, and Brad as playable characters. This DLC would be set in North Yankton and show how the characters met and how they rose to be the great stick up crew that they were. This could also feature all events leading up to the prologue, including Michael meeting Dave Norton and planning his out. This one would be harder to implement because it would involve fully developing the North Yankton map, but it would also be the most flexible as many details were left out of the crew’s story, and with such a broad amount of detail to cover, Rockstar could have had fun with this one.

Obviously it’s too late now to expect anything like these to come out, but these were just some ideas that me and my friends came up with after talking about the Single Player DLCs in GTA IV. If you have any other ideas or agree/disagree with any of mine, feel free to let me know. I wrote this out to show how much possibility Rockstar had and chose not to utilize. Thanks for reading if you made it this far 🙂

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