Grand Theft Auto V

Some annoying problems (Rant)

GrandTheftAutoV8 - Some annoying problems (Rant)

I have been playing Gta5 for a couple of weeks now, i recently got the premium version and most of the time i have been enjoying my time driving in the game, however…there are a few things which annoy me so much that i don't play sometimes.

Traffic – The gta developers have made traffic so bad in this game it actually pushes me from playing it more, sometimes i see AI driving or even crashing into each other head on, whats going on !!? its been like this for a while now and its so noticeable, AI traffic just seem broken now, even the police seem to follow npc's and chase them as well and it always happens when i'm driving, whenever i'm driving the police somehow always find a way to ram a npc car near me so i have to move out the way to avoid getting wanted level. Police also seem to follow me even when i'm just driving normally, when they are ramming a npc its always behind me, so what the game does is set me up so that i get a wanted level which i will explain in a very simple way below.

Random police = random wanted level = wasted (because i die quickly) = money lost = frustration

This is a serious problem now which is affecting both gameplay and my enjoyment from the game, i think the cause to the AI aggressiveness and random police following me waiting for me to slip up just to bust me again may all be caused by a bug in the scripts they use (probably needs to be updated) or its a Bug affecting the scripts of traffic and law enforcement which causes them to be more aggressive than ordinary gta5 traffic & police which is usually (moderately aggressive)

also: even when i'm not driving near npc drivers they shout at me from in their cars even if im on the other side of the road or highway, whats actually going on ?


I think the police problem is linked to the wanted level its just messed up, there's too much to mention about it in this post so i'll let you find relevant posts in your time. The problem with the wanted level is that i get 1 star for absolutely nothing at times, its so annoying and i constantly find myself having to drive away from police because the game just "decides" to trigger a wanted level !!?? someone please explain this !!

Disappearing vehicles – so after watching many gta5 videos now i know now that you can store a car or bike in a garage that you bought but i had a purchased car and left it on highway turned my back for a split second to steal a different car, BOOM it was gone !!??

I later found out from a old gta forum post that the vehicle you purchased on your phone would reappear but any stolen vehicle wouldn't because you didn't buy it. So i went to the garage i own in Gta5 and it wasn't in there. I'm quite finished with buying cars for now, ill wait until i can get gta5 online so i have the confidence i will see the vehicle again. all the vehicles seem to disappear every time i turn around or every time i jump in another car. This should not be happening.

Just one last thing: im not one of those people who like to complain about gta5 or games in general but when we have things like this not working it just wastes time and the money that was put into the vehicles, its frustrating. But moreover i'm more concerned about the traffic AI issue more but i'm still quite annoyed that you are unable to put insurance on cars in story mode.

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