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Street culture DLC concept

GrandTheftAutoV1 - Street culture DLC concept


After a massive string of police raids against mc clubhouses people have to look else where to get drugs smuggled across san andreas and with the recent establishment of the Blaine County drift tournament there's no shortage of drivers looking to make some money.

This DLC concept will include

New legal drift events Underground drift races All New dealerships New vehicles and customization Vehicle tuning New Weapons New emotes New map changes and construction sites

Pre update changes:

About a month before the update changes start to happen around Los Santos, New dealerships and tune up shops are popping up as ethier renovations or brand new construction sites, around the Davis Quartz and great chaparral a fluctuation of construction equipment that slowly evolve into new windy roads and track that will give drifters new opportunities to push thier new found parts and cars.

Loading in:

When loading into the update for the first time you will be loaded into a action packed cutscene showing off a new renovated quarry with a new drift track and spectator box and tune up shop, the cutscene then goes through showing some new drift set up cars on some of the new dealership floors before ending with some racers drifting around one of the new windy bends before one of the racers crash showering drugs up into air out of the trunk with police lights and sirens off in the distance

First contact:

After loading in past the cutscene you'll be greeted by a phone call from Alan jerome ( Arena war owner ), immediately he starts ranting about how his arena war investment flopped and he instead used his left over money to transform the old Davis Quartz into a freshly built drift track, he then tells you that in order to compete you'll need to buy a track membership in order to get access to the main building and to races, he then goes on to tell you that you could buy a optional garage space to tune your new builds instead of going to a new public one scattered around san andreas

Side construction:

New roads have popped up all over Blaine County most consisting of widey roads built almost on purpose to help fuel a drifters flame, these roads have mostly taken resistance up in tongva hills and great chaparral

Davis Quartz track and buildings:

Over the course of the renovation the Davis Quartz quarry has under gone some drastic changes some areas around have been excavated to fit new building on the side line including the new buyable tune up shop that is built into the side of the hill, the quarry has also been excavated in spot to increase the size and road height to make it more driver friendly, the track has been made out of fresh asphalt so no racers have to worry about the old dirty scratching thier new cars.

Main building.

The main building consists of three parts. The lobby, spectator box, and the competitor box.

The lobby: consists of the front desk and the entrances to the boxes and elevator to get to your person room and one car garage space that comes with your membership

The front desk: The front desk is where you can buy you track membership, as well as get your car delivered to the front door or to quick find drift events.

Spectator box: The spectator box is open free of charge, players can watch replays of computer generated drift races as well as choosing to specate actual races between players, thier is also a bar and gift shop included in the area.

Gift shop items: The gift shop sells multiple style of items ranging from exclusive clothing to decorations.

Items sold Clothing Model cars Paintings

Competior box:

The competitor box resembles similarities to the spectator box with some distinctive changes, the competitor box consists of a bar with all drink types free of charge, a model of the track to help racers get familiar with the track, the competitor box also has a board that displays a wall of fame that will consists of some of the dlc creators times and cars to add a extra depth of realism, there is also a poker table similar to the poker played in rdr2 to help create a competitive atmosphere.

First mission/race

After purchasing your membership from the front desk you will be thrown into the first mission where you are provided a pre-built drift car that is very slippery on the corners, the mission then explains that thier are three different type of drift races

Points: A race where the player with the most points from holding drifts and avoiding collision after a number of selected laps win First across: A race where the player who crosses the finish line first wins regardless of drift score Style: A racer where other players judge others on thier ability to drift and rate players accordingly

The first race it puts you into is a point race, after the race you get a call from a tune up shop mechanic saying that he watched you race and noticed the car was handling rough and that you should bring it by the tune up shop.


Introduction to smuggling

After delivering the car to the tune up shop you are put into a cutscene where the mechanic pulls you aside after work on the car and starts talking to you about the computer installed in the drift car he explains that the computer has a ton of illegal ware linked to a drug smuggler ring using cars he then pats your shoulder and explains that he installed the base version of the program onto your computer located in your solo garage space that you get with your membership but would suggest upgrading or getting one installed into a runner car.

Smuggling set up:

The smuggling computer is set up of multiple components the base edition and purchasable add ons along with the optional car install ( purchase add-ons transfer across both the computer and car installed computer after purchase )

Base edition The base edition of the computer program allows you to accept pick up and drop off missions that range in distance amd difficulties for different pay

Pick up could consist of picking up a client and taking them back to the drift track or it could consist of picking up a truck or package to stash for a later drop off

Drop off could consists of dropping off a client from a nearby location to another while keeping them alive, or you could be responsible for dropping off drugs stashed in a vehicle

Data base add-on

The data base adds access to the LSPD data base that allows players to check other players stats including username, rank, mental state, money, and properties owned

Black market dealing

The black market is ran similar to the progression system that the other businesses have where the more you run the business the more you unlock, available for unlocks in the black market are new guns, vehicle upgrades, imported cars

Tune up shops: After the construction of the new Davis drift track multiple new tune up shops have popped up around Los Santos, these tune up shops specialize in drift and runner build similar to how you upgrade benny or arena war cars these tune up shops have multiple locations around the map and can also be used to store one car or upgrade normal vehicles

New vehicles:

1990 mazda b2200 1992 Bugatti eb110 2020 Koenigsegg jesko 1974 Honda civic RS Honda S2000 2001 Honda Acura integra type R 2002 mazda RX-7 1997 Mitsubishi GTO 1994 Nissan fairlady Z type s 1993 Nissan 240sx 1973 BMW 2002 turbo 2001 Chevy S10 1990 Chevy silverado 1500 2022 vw golf R

New vehicle upgrades:

Twin turbo:

A new upgrade in the turbo category allowing you to twin turbo your vehicle drastically upgrading your vehicles speed and acceleration at the cost of handling

New nos types: Available from the tune up shops you can now get two different nos types fitted to most vehicles these types include

Power shot; Power shot nos drains your nos tank quick and takes longer to refill but gives you max amount of boost Long run; Long run takes longer to deplete and is quick to restore but doesn't provide as quick of a boost and is more subtle

Engine swaps Some vehicles will have a new option to engine thier vehicles this new option will be located in the engine option underneath tuning this option will increase your vehicles over all performance but will cost a small fortune and possibly changing your vehicle class

Black market unlocks: The black market brings some new unlocks to the scene some new others greatly desired

New Weapons + attachments

1911 The iconic gangster hand gun for generations finally imported to Los Santos

Glock The gun that police ironically have in thier holster that they never draw finally in for use

Underbarrel gernade launcher A gernade launcher that is fitted to your ar that becomes available for purchase on the mk2 bench after unlock


Available as the first unlock the unarmored ZR380 is available off the black market for purchase

The dominator classic a gem of the 1970s finally brought back for its revival to help wreck havoc of the streets one more time

New emotes:

Wrench toss – a emotes where your character produces a wrench and proceeds to toss and catch it

Water break – character pulls out a rockstar logoed water battle and drinks from it

Welding- character pulls out a welder and proceeds to weld

Dealer- character pulls out a wrapped brick of cocaine and offers it


Embroidered leather jacket – leather jacket with company logos embroidered on the back

Racing gloves – plan color racing gloves sold separately from racing outfits

Embroidered hoodies – plan hoodies with designs on the back ex.skulls, logos etc

Logo muscle shirt – muscle shirts with logos on the back and small on the front

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