Grand Theft Auto V

Stunt movies DLC concept

GrandTheftAutoV2 - Stunt movies DLC concept

This dlc is only a concept if you'd like to add on to feel free comment ideas

My idea would be a extension of the arena war dlc

The idea was a building exspansion of arena war ran by stuntman mike with this exspansion you would have a new workshop that would effect all the vehicles you bring into the shop we'll cover the modifications in a later section

The new part added to the arena stadium will be a stunt workshop and career room

We'll start with the modifications and the workshop

The work shop looks kinda sketchy to begin with but can be upgraded to make it look more official

After talking to Mike the workshop can be used like any regular one to modify paint or cosmetics but what sets this one apart is a new catagory that has been added for the vehicles called stunt accessories this catagory will consist of

Left/ right jump:

The left or right jump is a jump boost that causes the vehicle to two wheel till you ethier let off the gas or you are interrupted

Emergency fire: The emergency has two jobs it does if your vehicle is working it will set your engine on fire But if your vehicle is on fire and it's activated it will snuff out the firing giving you some time to get to a repair shop


Now dismemberment does pretty much what it says it dismember your car with a click of a button your vehicle parts will fall off

Eject o seat:

Yea that's right I said in a eject o seat now this design would be based off the 2 fast 2 furious design where it takes off the passenger door along with the seat but after use it will cost some coin to fix as you'd also be repairing the ejector seat


The igniter are a custom pair of tires thst with tge click of a button will catch fire only down side is anything near you will catch fire if possible


The smoke or oil is a rear defense system when u hold down right on the D pad ( Playstation) it releases a smoke screen or oil behind you


Along with all theses new modifications there will be some more added to modifications there will be

New Suspension

In this catagory will be

Front drag slant

Back drag slant



There will be another turbo added

Twin turbo This upgrade will be the upgraded version of the turbo available on sports and muscle cars

Engine There will be a new engine upgrades ranging from





All will will be engine lvl 4 but will change the handling to match the intended job

On top of that there will now be a Short transmission And Long transmission if desired

Now onto the career

After purchasing the building you will have a tour of the place where you will get to see the workshop and the office

Inside the office will be stuntman mike kinds like Tony he is always in the building he exsplains to you how movie directors need more fearless stunt drivers he runs you down how to access jobs on the computer

Each job will have multiple sections you will need to do four stunts for a successful job each will have a combination of jumps, two wheeling, smashing through bill boards etc

Rewards for doing the career will be cash, career unlocked upgrades, and specialty cars

Now onto the cars I have a list of cars for the update that i would like to see in the game and some I think would make sense in this update I have a list of cars so there'll be no photos

1953 VW Beetle 1964 Pontiac GTO VW Golf Pontiac Grand AM 1969 Chevy nova 1966 Shelby mustang Boss 429 Mustang ferrari 250 1964 mazda rx7 1998 Monte carlo 1970 dodge challenger 1969 roadrunner 1969 amc rebel machine 1970 dodge dart 1973 1999 toyota chaser jzx100 nissan gtr 2016 bmw i8 corvette 1980 Dodge challenger 1970

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