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*Suggestion* Make “Organizations” more collaborative

GrandTheftAutoV1 - *Suggestion* Make “Organizations” more collaborative

I tried to submit this idea to Rockstar feedback/suggestion portal, but was limited in characters… and since this idea is rather drawn out, I submitted an email to “[email protected]” and got a message saying that “This email address isn’t monitored”, so I didn’t know where else to get my idea to Rockstar, so I’m posting it here.

My message to Rockstar:

I have an idea that would greatly improve the collaboration and "group dynamic" play of the game. This idea could be released as a DLC or maybe in a future version of GTA (Maybe a GTA 6 is in production?)

You guys sort of started to do this with the whole "crews" where there is sharing of cars/garages, etc. and the idea of the CEO aspects of the game, but this would take it a step further and enhance the team-based and efforts of a group of players.

Basically, you would be able to "Start an Organization" where you could invite people and identify players whom you would "Hire" or "Give a job offer to" within you organization. You would, as a "CEO" (in a more traditional sense) be able to set "Permissions" for those members' access to certain buildings/establishments/etc… and what they could actually do and control within them… and this could be as detailed or as simple as you wanted it to be. Organizations would be required to continually participate in, or win, or steal certain things to maintain their status.. and I’m doing so, could gain “Organization Exp Points” to rank up the Organization, which would unlock more tools/missions/etc.

For instance, If "The Organization" owns a nightclub or an Arcade or whatever, you would be able to set authorizations/permission to whom could use, start jobs, profit (which could be based on any number of metrics ), and whatever else you guys think would be cool to do/add.


For instance, if we're working on a large scale heist within the organization with a bunch of prep stages and requirements…, those with access to the planning/setup/heist/etc. could go to the Organization's arcade and go to the board and choose what they wanted to do individually… they could ask for help and could co-op a prep mission with someone/anyone and that would satisfy that requirement for the prep for the entire organization… As in, an organization of 5-6 players could all work together, but separately, to complete the prep missions… so while you're looking for the hacking device over there, I can be finding the key cards (or whatever) over here.

This could be as intricate and as deep as you wanted it to make it, but it would be, at the very least, a fantastic improvement to the overall gameplay.

You could set level restrictions; GTA$ requirements, group limits, amount of assets and organization could own, conflicts of interest protocols, percentages of profit sharing based on certain metrics, ability to add/kick/change member roles based on permissions within the organization…

You could also create "Organization Specific" jobs where your organization has to be level ## to participate and the Organization headquarters could be large office building where all the members would have their own rooms, parking spaces, etc. and make the "Organization Buildings" be able to house/hold X number of members and the more members you want to have, the more it would cost and then there's the whole aspects of upgrades/personalizing/etc.

Think of an "Organization" as a "Guild" or "Clan" of sorts where all the members share and work together to increase the notoriety or infamy of their organization and could compete with other organizations for turf or jobs or loot, etc.

Please will someone let me know if this has been proposed as of yet or if it may be in the works; or even if you think conceptually it would/could be an improvement to the gameplay… you'd probably be able to get back long since lost players and attract new ones who enjoy the collaborative effort of RPG-esque type gameplay and like to work together.

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