Grand Theft Auto V

Support told me I can’t unlink for reasons that make no sense.

GrandTheftAutoV7 - Support told me I can't unlink for reasons that make no sense.

I am trying to unlink the social club account that was initially linked to the game, and relink the steam copy with this social club account (the one I am posting this ticket with.)

When I bought the game, I was living with family, and I had to go do some errands while it was downloading. One of my family members had linked a social club account they created to play the game while I was busy for a bit, and I've always just used their account when I play since they never used the online feature. Now, I cannot seem to logon to their social club and I guess that means its time to unlink it so I can play.

I would be very appreciative of some help!

More than 24 hrs later (btw I cannot view my ticket on their support site, so I can only read things from gmail.)

Thank you for contacting Rockstar Support.

I would like to inform you that the entitlements to play GTAV are tied to both the Social Club and Steam account. These accounts must remain linked or you will not be able to play GTAV or GTA Online with either of these accounts. If we were to unlink your Steam account from your Social Club account, you will not be able to play GTA Online as well as GTAV with your Social Club account, even if another Steam account is linked to it afterward.


In other words, it means that unlink steam will result in losing the game progress even if you link it with a new account you won't be able to play the game again. In order to play the game again, you would have to purchase a new game and will have to start it from scratch.

I hope that this information would prove helpful to you. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

The fuck? Is this true? I'd need to buy a new game off of steam? I don't care about lost progress, I already had too much money and level in online and getting it again would actually make it more fun.

From what I understand of what they said:

Social club accounts cannot have multiple steam accounts it has been linked to, probably to prevent account selling. This means progress will be deleted if I want to change the account that my steam key is linked to, which is what I want…

Then "you will have to purchase a new game and will have to start it from scratch." WHY? How? Is there any way to contact steam about this? Maybe refreshing a key or something? I've had origin do it. I don't care about losing progress I just want to play singleplayer 90% anyway.

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