Grand Theft Auto V

The Truth About Fort Zancudo (creepypasta)

GrandTheftAutoV1 - The Truth About Fort Zancudo (creepypasta)

I was having an ordinary GTA 5 Online session with my friend. The typical stuff y’know? Killing cops, getting 5 Stars, strip club, VIP work, invading the military base. But it’s that last one where it got weird. My friend and I were in Fort Zancudo, in the tower you can get in from the ground next to the airstrip. And we were role-playing that we were gathering intel and getting rid of the evidence. We were shooting out monitors when all of a sudden, from the tower we see a door open. But it was hidden, in the airstrip. Us shooting out a monitor opened a secret area in the military base!

Us, freaking out, obviously charge down the tower to get to this door. Thinking it was an Easter egg left by rockstar. As we get out my friend gets killed by a tank but I manage (with great effort) to evade and make it to the door. As I get inside I wait for my friend but as he tries to get back in, the door above me starts to close. As it does I figure I might as well go down. Maybe there is a way to open the door from the inside? When I walk through another door my game freezes and when it fixed itself I found myself in a lab. With empty stasis tubes and surgical desks everywhere. At this point my phone dies and I lose contact with my friend. I go to plug it in and as I do the lights in game go red. And what I thought were empty stasis tubes open and the fog inside them disperses. Creatures start to fall out of these tubes. They’re oddly shaped, like nothing I’ve seen in the game. And they’re grey. Aliens. When I say aliens I don’t mean like the alien costumes you can buy or use in director mode. These things didn’t even have models in the game files (I looked).

As I gather my thoughts on what I’m seeing, they start to get up. Oh great. They start approaching. I go to equip my MG Mark II and it’s not allowing me to equip items. I try and run but my character is frozen. As I lose all hope and accept my fate, my character pulls out his heavy pistol mark II and aims it at his head. He shoots.


As I respawn my phone comes back to life and I get a call from my friend. He asks what happened and if I found a glitch spot because as soon as that door closed it had said I chose the easy way out. I try and explain but he doesn’t believe me. To him no time had passed.

We continue on with our session. Avoiding the fort. And instead we hop on a public session to mess with some fools and do the VIP work you can only do in public sessions. We get in his buzzard and my character climbs in the back, but doesn’t get in. He instead climbs higher into the blades of the buzzard and dies. My friend and I are laughing as we find that hilarious. And we count it as a glitch and move on.

It wasn’t.

Things like that continue throughout the rest of the session. My character finding ways to kill himself. Like swimming into the engine of a boat, randomly holding grenades, and not pulling his parachute. I keep wondering how these things could happen and if its my computer lagging (it isn’t the best after all). It comes to 11 pm and I need to get some sleep, as I work at 7 the next morning. So I say goodnight to my friend and hang up the phone. And then close my game.

It does the typical “are you sure you want to leave GTA online?” screen and I say yes. But instead of closing the game it gives me another screen. Text fades in, Helvetica font, black screen, white text. “Forget what you saw” and plays the gunshot sound it did when my character first killed himself in the lab. I didn’t notice until now but it was different than the typical easy way out gunshot. After this my game closes, no showing me the social club menu, just straight to desktop. Like it crashed

I haven’t been able to open that door again, no matter what monitor I shoot and with what weapon. But honestly, I don’t think I want to.

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