Grand Theft Auto V

Things that should be fixed

GrandTheftAutoV3 - Things that should be fixed

Indestructible wooden pillar – You can easily destroy metal lamps with your car, but you can't destroy a wooden pillar.

Broken car lights – When car lights are broken but they are still working, the light would come out of the place when the light was when it wasn't damaged, not the place where it should be.

Looking – Only looking at somebody would cause that person to run or fight with you. Same thing with walking behind someone.

Killing suspect – When you'd kill a person that the police is currently chasing, the police should thank you, not try to kill you.

Hedges – You can walk/ride through some hedges but some hedges are concrete solid. Also you can't jump on/through some hedges.

Volleyball net – There's indestructible net on the beach.

Chop door glitch – If we'd take Chop to the car, we wouldn't be able to close the car's doors.

Disappearing cars near garage – You want to save a great cool car in a garage, but your garage if full, you go into a garage and take a car that you want to replace with…exactly, that super car that was outside the garage has disappeared.

Indestructible beach workout things – You can't break them.

Teleporting Police – When you are chased by a police, it can sometimes teleport right behind you.

Unbreakable bus stops – Yeah.

Crashing – When you'd crash on a car from behind, the driver would die no matter on which speed you were driving.

Upside down won't get help – When you're in car and you're upside down, you can't call 911.

Stripper – When you'd give the stripper money for a favor and you'd later kill her, you won't get as much money as you gave her.

Scope – While using scope on helicopter, we can hear it's sound which is pretty weird.

Too slow running – I know that wet sand should slow the player down but no so much.


Rein reactions – People should react on rain like in GTA4.

Amanda tennis glitch – This glitch is the most known Amanda glitch. I think that after we'd kill her and we'd play tennis, she should automatically respawn.

Phone – The player should pull out phone while riding on motorcycle or piloting helicopter.

Invincibility – When the player has an active code for invincibility, when he's activate it again, it should reset the invincibility not disable it.

Trees – I think player should be able to destroy some trees.

Destroying tents – I think those tents are made from concrete.

Bikes – When the player is on bike, the bike is riding by himself.

Caps – When you have no money, the cap driver should say you to get out instead of getting you on place and giving you one star.

Roads – Even if you're standing on the side of the road, the cars still can't drive next to you.

Golf cart corpse – If there is a corpse in a golf cart, it would be there forever.

Cargobob can't lift a truck – But can lift a tank.

Dry river – There's a river that has a water on one side but it hasn't water on the other side of the bridge.

Dogs and Pumas needs a nerf – They can kill you by biting you once.

Smoke – Smoke from tires can pass through walls.

Bikes are scary – People are running away from you when you're riding a bike.

Invisible rockets – Sometimes when you'd fly near Zancudo, they will kill you with…nothing. Sometimes there's just no missle.

Minigun pushing cars – It's impossible.

Phone – Why the player can't just choose numbers on his PC keyboard, why he needs to click on Franklin's/Michael's/Trevor's phone if he want to choose the number?

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