Grand Theft Auto V

This game can go F**k itself

GrandTheftAutoV3 - This game can go F**k itself

I have literally had enough of this game, like seriously what is up with seemingly everyone being a bullying tryhard, i have literally just been killed, had my guns taken away and im pretty sure i haven't got them back so I now have to rebuy all my weapons,had my car access blocked so i couldn't drive any of my cars and then been booted from the session as i didn't follow the modders laws. All this because i was driving my new dynasty taxi around minding my own business

Like what is wrong with most people who play this game like is it hard to not be a bully and to just let people have a good time. Like sometimes i start on the wrong person and get retaliated against and fair play to that i deserve it, but honestly the amount of times i have been targeted for no reason for literally minding my own business and not doing anything towards anyone

Like this game isn't worth the emotional pain that i seemingly go through to play a game that i used to love, Rockstar really don't give a care about this game and it really shows when yes its hard to get rid of all bullys but nothing is done to combat the problems that are faced by most players. Noob bikes are a nightmare, deluxos are a nightmare at times but sometimes okay and so many other weapons or vehicles are just tools to pick on people who can't fight back.


Like how dare people decide they are allowed to pick on anyone they deem to be not like everyone else or to be in charge of GTA Online as they think their something special because they have a mod menu installed.

I loved when video games used to fun to play, but it seems those days are long gone now

I dont expect anyone to read this at all to be honest and if you do then i expect you to tell me to man up and just not get affected by it. Thats hard to do though when you struggle with mental health like i do and are within the autism spectrum. Yep i will now get comments saying i shouldn't play online video games and your most likely right but then people shouldn't smoke and all that so i guess its just my bad habit.

Thank you to whoever read my rant because i've had enough, i bet the modder sees this somehow and decides to laugh at my suffering but quite frankly i've had enough as this game makes me too angry, too upset, too miserable, too confused, too judging of the world and too fucked up. Thank you for allowing me to let off some steam

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