Grand Theft Auto V

This game just gave me my favourite gaming moment of all time.

GrandTheftAutoV1 - This game just gave me my favourite gaming moment of all time.

tl;dr Chaos, just chaos.

First of all, this was only in the Avi Schwartzman setup mission for the Pacific Standard Heist. I usually hate this mission, but this was amazing.

So skip past all of the jet skiing and fighting on the Island, and we are at the boat about to leave the island. After finally convincing my friend (I was playing with two friends and a random) to not use his compact grenade launcher after blowing up the boat with Avi in it 3 times, we set off. The random and I had managed to fall out of the boat within 10 seconds, and after at least a minute of mashing triangle to get on the boat, we were on.

We headed up the river and I was dropped off at a bridge with a police blockade. I killed the officers and stole one of the SWAT SUVs and started driving alongside the river. The boat stopped at the mouth of the river and I drove off a cliff to get down to the boat. After a minute of honking at Avi to get in the vehicle, he got in. The SUV was full so my friend had to hang off the side, and you can guess how that ended.

My friend got yoinked off the side of the SUV and got in his own car, and he ended up in the role of ‘cop distractor’. We continued driving with less than two minutes left, and no lives.


After flipping the car over on a hill and getting it lodged between fences, we finally started to lose the cops. We hid in a poly tunnel as the timer went down. I knew the whereabouts of the final waypoint so I creeped towards it. I looked at the clock, less than 20 seconds left. I looked at the map to see my friend being swarmed by cops. They all centred on his position, and if he died, we lost. I have NEVER seen more cops in one spot.

We finally lost the cops and had 0.2 miles to go in 8 seconds in our crappy, beaten up SUV. I slam on the accelerator and go straight towards the waypoint, bouncing across the terrain. My friend starts to scream as his health plummets. We start to scream as we launch into the air over the checkpoint. With 1 second to go, the SUV is upside down, metres above the final point. Everybody is screaming, and then everyone freezes. We thought we had lost, but then Paige Harris appeared. We had done it. My heart was racing and I was laughing out of… fear maybe? I don’t know, but I was laughing uncontrollably, and so were my friends.

Thank you Rockstar for making games like these. This is definitely going down as my favourite gaming moment ever.

And thank you to the random who stuck with us as my friend blew up the boat 3 times (once on purpose) , you were a great help.

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