Grand Theft Auto V

This is Beyond Frustration (RANT) Please read

GrandTheftAutoV10 - This is Beyond Frustration (RANT) Please read

Ok I'm really really upset right now, first of all I'll tell you what happened, I was in Vespucci Beach I was playing as Trevor and I was about to drive closer to wade's house as there was a T icon on the map for Trevor, As I was driving however a guy speeding on a motorcycle plowed right into me from behind, at first I was confused because the AI has been acting more aggressively today for some reason but just as I was looking at him and the bike which was now scattered on the road "BOOM" I immediately get a wanted star.

So in my frustration for getting a 1 star I sped away quickly and was pursued by the cops and at some point I gained a total of 3 stars (I got upset and started shooting at them) and eventually when the armoured van spawned the cop standing outside from it shot both of my tires on the left side of Trevor's truck, luckily I was able to still drive and I went to Vespucci Beach but this time I actually went on the beach to (the part where the Jetski's are) and I got on one, after getting on a Jetski I was still being pursued by cops in the water and a single police helicopter above, Eventually I drove far enough on the Jetski and ended up on the shore of Los Santos International Airport !!, at first I thought the high fences reminded me of somewhere that I shouldn't go but honestly I wasn't really thinking too much I just wanted to get a car and get back to Vespucci Beach. Upon entering a gate into LSIA I immediately received 3 stars (Again!!) and this time I was just too angry to even feel like continuing to escape anymore. Luckily the Jetski was still where I left it drifting at the shore of LSIA and I hopped on it but then a police boat literally spawned in front of me and I was shot at with a machine gun and a helicopter in the sky was also shooting me and shining a bright spotlight at me while I was trying to get away.

Somehow I crashed the Jetski or the police boat rammed me (I can't really remember now) but I somehow came of the Jetski and fell into the water in the heat of the chase, at that exact point I Rage Quit and then loaded up GTA again. This time I thought things would be different and I thought the game would forget the police chase I was in (as it normally does) and allow me to play with Trevor again as normal but I was surprised to find Trevor in a police chase again when I switched to him, I'm not sure if it was related to me quitting the game before but all I did was switch from Michael to Trevor and "BOOM" I was in a police chase (for the third time).

WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON, SERIOUSLY ??!! all this because a NPC on a bike was speeding and hits me and somehow that counts as a wanted level ??!!


HE. HIT. ME. ????!!!!!

Seriously man every time I play this game I try to enjoy it and its like its just programmed to mess with you (mentally) first you got the terrible AI, the terrible cops who are superhuman who can instantly shoot your tires so precisely, then you got days like today when the AI traffic are so bad that it almost makes driving useless. I am so upset right now, I tried and tried but every time I play this game the AI does something that gets on my nerves or I get a random 1 star for literally no reason. WHAT IN THE WORLD HAVE ROCKSTAR DONE !!

Whatever they have done to GTA 5's AI has completely made them unstable, they even attack themselves and ram each other (if their driving) its ridiculous the AI are so unstable it ruins the whole experience. When GTA 5 first came out the AI were bad but what I saw today was absolutely disgusting, they are absolutely, and 100% unstable, this isn't even funny now and I literally can't ignore it because it happens so often now. What doesn't happen so often though is what happened today when a random AI car rammed into me ("because I sped past them which must have annoyed them") and when some AI motorbike was speeding and rammed themselves into me.

This should not be happening

Im tired of this now, I haven't even had GTA5 for a year and I'm on the verge of giving up on it, the terrible ai, the restrictive mission design, the cops, the pedestrians constantly phoning the police, random 1 stars, and most of all the game deliberately sets me up sometimes to get wanted levels like today's circumstance.

Im sorry for the Rant but I had to get all this off my chest and I would like to add that I'm not a kid and I'm not bad at driving in the game ( I have years of experience with driving cars in car games) and I'm not a person who likes to whine or complain about GTA 5 or any game BUT you have to understand that what I SAW today in GTA 5 is beyond all comprehension of unstable or broken.

Something is really wrong with "Everything"

Edit: please, no swearing or name calling this was not my fault and I'm still upset with what the game has been doing so please be thoughtful. thank you

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