Grand Theft Auto V

Upcoming Crew Recruitment Megathread info.

GrandTheftAutoV5 - Upcoming Crew Recruitment Megathread info.

With the prevalence of crews wanting to recruit players, and the number of players looking for crews, we have decided to make a megathread dedicated to those topics. Our hope is that this will help both crews and players looking for crews to find each other in an easy to browse thread.

Here is how it will work:

  1. We will make a Megathread that will be locked, and no replies will be able to be posted.
  2. To Apply – Crew leaders, or a designated commissioner will make a public post on the main subreddit to have their crew's info posted in the thread. The post will be removed after the information is confirmed and then it will be added to the megathread.
  3. Each post will need to conform to the format listed below so they can easily be searched within the thread. Posts not properly formatted will be rejected, but you can reapply once the post is properly formatted.
  4. The mods are the only ones who can add crews to the megathread so we can maintain control over what is posted, and so we can vet the crews to make sure they conform to the following rules.
  5. A link to the thread will be posted on the sidebar of the main sub, and in the weekly question/weekly update sticky post.
  6. Any other posts about crew recruitment, or looking for crew posts will be removed and be directed to the megathread.


  1. No crews that advertise cheating, modding, money drops, etc… will be allowed, and all posts be at the moderators discretion as to whether they are eligible to be in the megathread.
  2. Only the leader or a commissioner of the crew can request that their crew be added to the thread so that we don't get multiple requests for the same crew.
  3. Only one post per crew will be allowed.


Here is the format that all posts must follow to be considered:

All the titles of the public posts must be: "Crew Recruitment Megathread Application" and must use the 'CREW' flair so it can be easily searched for by the mods.

The body of the post MUST be formatted exactly as below, since they will be copied and pasted into the Megathread by the moderators.

Platform(s): (PS4, Xbox, PC, 360, PS3 or any combination)

Crew Name:

Crew Tag:

Type of Crew: (Grinding, Racing, Military, RP(Be specific if it's EMS, Cops, etc…), etc…))

Social Club Link to Crew:

Discord Link: (if applicable)

Website Link: (if applicable)

Info on the Crew: (Here you can summarize the crew, tell people any requirements to join, or include whatever other information you'd like prospects to know. Please try to keep it concise and to the point)

Once we start to get the applications we will post the Megathread and add the links to the main sub, hopefully within a few days of this post going up.

If you have serious questions regarding this addition to the sub, post them below, but off-topic replies will be removed and repeated violations of that can result in a ban from,or being muted on, the sub.

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