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What else was Barry’s weed laced with?

GrandTheftAutoV7 - What else was Barry's weed laced with?

It obviously wasn't normal marijuana, because, while never having smoked it, I'm fairly certain that weed does…not do what it did to Michael and Trevor.

While weed was probably in the joint (well, obviously,) some other, overpowering substance was also mixed in. That substance was probably a deliriant, as 1) deliriants are almost never taken purposefully and 2) they cause nightmarish visions and swings in mood. Seems like a good fit, as both Michael and Trevor are at least calm one moment, rageful the next, and fearful after the high comes down. But what deliriant, exactly? Well, let's look at some plants, first.

We can immediately rule out Datura, Brugmansia, Mandragora, and Atropa Belladonna, as all are extremely poisonous, and would have definitely killed our protagonists, if they weren't made very sick. And yet, after they come down, no other adverse effects reveal themselves. Hyoscaymus Niger, however, is still in play, as the Psychonaut Wiki (I'm classy) states that it can cause extreme, violent hallucinations, it's certainly a plant that could pass for weed, and mass-murdering aliens and clowns with military-grade guns is extreme and violent. So we'll pin up Niger.

All tropane alkaloids are also ruled out, as alkaloids are inherently dangerous.

Diphenhydramine has the same traumatizing effects as Niger, as either extremely low or high doses can create realistic, convincing, terrifying hallucinations. So we'll put that up there too.

Dimenhydrinate isn't very strong, at least not in this sense, and while marijuana does intensify its effects, all it'll do is knock you out. So that's out.

Doxylamine could produce the effects we're looking for, as it can cause seizures and hallucination at the right dosage, but the issue is that that dosage is lethally high, and so most people will die soon after.

Benzydamine isn't really used very much, at least not in the US, and what information we have on it claims that in lower dosages it doesn't really do anything, which, interestingly enough, is a main reason it's used as a vaginal douching agent in Germany and Sweden.

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Myristicin is also a contender, at least in terms of effect, but the amount of the drug needed to have been ingested is dangerously high, and the effects also take several hours to show themselves, while the highs we're shown start seconds after taking a hit.


Mirtazipane is our final substance, and it is a possibility, as its low dosages do create realistic, convincing, seamlessly blended visions.

So let's review. What are our possibilities? Hyoscaymus Niger, Diphenhydramine, and Mirtazapine. Wow. Small list for over a dozen possibilities to begin with.

We can get rid of HN, as it is poisonous in sufficient dosages, its high can last for hours while the effects shown only seem to last around 10 minutes, and less common but still easily applicable side effects include seizures, vomiting, and convulsions. Let's take that chance at between 30-40%. Between Mike and Trev, there's around an 80% chance that some of those effects would have shown themselves. And they never do.

Diphenhydramine (a.k.a Benadryl) is a big possibility, as it's over-the-counter, the game (apparently) takes place in May of 2013, peak allergy season, so Barry could have easily gotten a prescription for it, and its more potent effects (seeing and hearing convincing, world-affecting, fully-formed hallucinations) start to take place at only 500mg. Psychological effects also include analysis suppression, anxiety, dysphoria, and dream potentiation, which would make sense on Trevor's side, as it's made abundantly clear during his high that he was, at some point in his life, terrified of clowns, the monsters he kills.

Mirtazapine has one glaring problem. Its users usually…just sit there, letting the hallucinations affect them. Mike and Trev are both quite active participants, actively blowing their visions to dust with powerful firearms.

So there it is. Diphenhydramine is the best fit. Barry most likely got a prescription for Benadryl, crushed up the pills to attain the raw substance, and sprinkled it throughout the joint.

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What do you think?

Edit: Thanks to someone's firsthand account, I have changed my viewpoint. It was probably actually mirtazapine, as the person stated that those vivid hallucinations were just imagined. I didn't take into account that they actually just sat and talked with Barry, while also apparently killing these beings. Mirtazapine is also available in prescription form, so…yeah.

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