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What if the Oppressor, Deluxo, Scramjet, Vigilante, Ruiner, etc. didn’t have missiles?

GrandTheftAutoV10 - What if the Oppressor, Deluxo, Scramjet, Vigilante, Ruiner, etc. didn't have missiles?

So I was wondering how would the game be different if GTA went in a different direction for these futuristic special vehicles, and instead of slapping OP missiles on all of them decided to do something else?

So for fun I came up with a different take on these vehicles. Most of this isn't original it's based off the source of where these vehicles come from like making the Vigilante more like the Batmobile with things like a grappling hook or take out all of the Deluxo's weapons and replace them with a teleport feature as a homage to the Delorean's Time Travel abilities. Tell me what you think.

Also noted since the map is compressed I'm going with 75% of the top speed the vehicles are based off of. So for example the Stromberg is based off James Bond's Wet Nellie, which itself is based off the Lotus Espirit S1. The Lotus had a top speed of 138 MPH in real-life and 75% of that is about 104 MPH making that the speed for the car at stock in-game.

And for armor using the NATO Standard STANAG-4569 Level identification.

Oppressor MK2 – it's a flying motorcycle, which is pretty OP on its own without the missiles. Also those tiny thrusters mounted on the side aren't going to keep it hovering especially with all the exhaust going through the back. A better design is to have
lazareth lmv496 flying 37636 - What if the Oppressor, Deluxo, Scramjet, Vigilante, Ruiner, etc. didn't have missiles?

4 large thrusters for vertical movement/turning and keep the large jet engine for quick horizontal movement.
  • Weapons (one at a time):
    • None (stock)
    • Fixed underside mounted .50 Heavy Machine Gun (high dmg to vehicles)
    • Dual flexible 5.56mm light machine guns mounted on the front of the bike. (good for taking out people on foot)
  • Armor: None
  • Performance: Top Speed – 113 MPH, 150 MPH with boost (boost should regenerate).
    • Oppressor should also have to obey the same rules as other vehicles, so no more ramming walls at full speed without falling off the bike/blowing it up or stopping in mid-air instantly and changing direction instantly as there should be some form of momentum present.
  • Countermeasures: None – Where would you store the flares and chaff?
  • Flight Mode – Oppressor could use a mobility buff especially in regards to its incredibly slow climbing and diving speed, so instead of countermeasures you can switch to "Flight" mode which will change the handling of the bike to feel more like a jet.
    • Allows pilot to do aerial maneuvers like barrel rolls and inside loops while also allowing quicker diving/climbing.
    • Flight mode also grants a 50% boost in speed, but naturally you lose the ability to hover and you have to maintain a minimum speed to maintain altitude.
    • The wings are very small so for Flight mode to make some sense, give it much larger wings that fold up on the side of the MK2 during hover mode and extend out in flying mode would help it look more believable.

Oppressor MK1 – Right now it's the MK2's cheaper brother and it performs worse than the MK2 in near every way except ground speed, for a different take and to give it a unique niche, I think it could use a total redesign maybe as a
IAn King 1 e1463667725626 - What if the Oppressor, Deluxo, Scramjet, Vigilante, Ruiner, etc. didn't have missiles?

Top Fuel
Geoff Pollard - What if the Oppressor, Deluxo, Scramjet, Vigilante, Ruiner, etc. didn't have missiles?
zurich switzerland 20th feb 2015 hellfire jet bike a drag race motorcycle EGBHGW - What if the Oppressor, Deluxo, Scramjet, Vigilante, Ruiner, etc. didn't have missiles?
Bike. Just add some larger wings for gliding and its the OPMK1. Realistically if it wants to be faster than all the other motorcycles it's going to need a far more powerful engine than a Honda CX500 engine with a tiny rocket on the back.
  • Armor: None
  • Weapons: None – use your own like other motorcycles
  • Performance: 0-60 in 0.7 seconds, 188 mph top speed in 5 seconds.
    • Unfortunately due to very long wheelbase, cornering speed is very slow.
  • Rocket Boost: Rocket booster push top speed to 263 mph.
  • Gliding: Works the same way but since the wings aren't that big and the bike is heavy, gliding at low speed shouldn't work, so you're going to have to reach top speed to glide effectively.

Deluxo – Back to the Future BTTF DeLorean Time Machine 07 - What if the Oppressor, Deluxo, Scramjet, Vigilante, Ruiner, etc. didn't have missiles?

Delorean, its a flying car which is cool enough as it is, no need for weapons. Instead of missiles how about adding a teleporter as it's special ability and homage to Back to the Future?
  • Weapons: None
  • Armor: None
  • Performance: Top Speed: 88 MPH; 0 to 60 MPH in 10.5 seconds.
  • Teleporter: You select a waypoint on the map as your destination and when you reach 88 MPH you can activate the ability to instantly teleport across the map to the destination. 5 minute cooldown between uses.
  • Hover Mode: Same as before, but slow down acceleration to 0 to 60 MPH in 6.5 seconds.

Thruster Jetpack should have weapons removed and instead player should be able to use their own weapons while flying instead, move some controls to the feet to free the hands, and replace the right control stick with a gun mount allowing you to use any gun you have inventory. You should also be allowed to use throwables as well.

Besides the current weapons are look kind of silly being all miniaturized so they can fit on the jetpack. Like checkout the rocket pods on the B-11 those are the correct size not the one on the Thruster.

  • Weapons: None – pilot can use any weapon they have in inventory, just with a loss in accuracy.
  • Armor: None – crashing should inflict alot of damage on the pilot and vehicle.
  • Performance: The secret strafing mode, should be the default way to fly, massively improving stability and responsiveness in flight. It should feel about as stable as the one in San Andreas. Speed should remain the same.
  • JATO: Jato rockets should be installed where the weapons are normally installed to give a horizontal boost in flight speed instead of vertical speed, as currently the JATO feels redundant considering the Thruster is already VTOL capable. JATO rockets should slowly recharge during flight as well.
  • Countermeasures: None – Where are they going to be stored?

Ruiner 2000 – Based on
81MxtUN7zHL. SL1500  - What if the Oppressor, Deluxo, Scramjet, Vigilante, Ruiner, etc. didn't have missiles?

K.I.T.T. 2000 from Knight Rider.
  • Weapons
    • Laser Power Pack – Hitscan Laser Beam equivalent in power to a 20mm Armor-Piercing Explosive cannon has auto aim enabled in a limited angle and distance in front of the car – 2 second recharge time
  • Armor: "Molecular Bonded Shell" – STANAG LEVEL 3+
    • no weakpoints, windows just as bulletproof as body.
    • Bullet resistant up to .50BMG at point blank range so Heavy Snipers can't snipe you out of the vehicle. High explosive resistance – 16 grenades/4 sticky/1 homing or vehicle mine, should be extremely bullet resistant with .50 Armor-Piercing/Explosive being the exception.
  • Performance: Top Speed – 150 MPH; 0 – 60 MPH in 3 seconds.
    • Also Equipped with magnetic disk brakes, air brakes, and a forward firing thruster for extreme braking performance.
  • 1988 pontiac firebird - What if the Oppressor, Deluxo, Scramjet, Vigilante, Ruiner, etc. didn't have missiles?Super Pursuit Mode – Turbine engine intakes and exhaust are uncovered gaining a huge horsepower boost, wings are deployed to increase downforce to keep the car on the ground and controllable as the Ruiner 2000 gains dragster like horsepower for a short amount of time before needing to recharge.
    • Functionally its a fancy very long "nitro" boost with a long recharge time like the LF-22 Starling.
    • Top Speed – 225 MPH; 0 – 60 MPH in 2 seconds.
  • Countermeasures: Flares – launches a salvo of flares into the sky to divert heat-seeking missiles.
  • Smoke/Tear Gas/Oil slick – Create an oil slick and launch a couple of smoke grenades behind you. The oil slick causes cars behind you to lose all traction, while the smoke grenades create a massive cloud of smoke obscuring vision and laser-guided and heat-seeking missiles can't track you through the thick smoke. The smoke is also poisonous acting as tear gas to any enemies caught inside.
  • Ejection Seats: Like jets, you can eject from the Ruiner, the top opens up and your seat rockets into the sky.
  • Auto Pilot AI: Ruiner 2000 has an AI installed so will talk to you like Clifford or something which would be cool. Additionally through the interaction menu you can give it commands like drive to a waypoint on the map, call it to come pick you up, or even follow you as a bodyguard.
  • Night/Thermal Vison Modes for driver.
  • Jump/Parachute: Same as before, but jumps should be more controllable the longer you hold the button the further you jump.

Vigilante – While it's based on the
Batmobile, which in some versions is equipped with missiles I think removing the missiles and giving it armor and remote operated machine guns would be a bit more unique. Of course I'd imagine all these weapons and special abilities would have to be purchasable upgrades making this vehicle very expensive.


The Vigilante is also very heavy, wide, and low to the ground, so should feel more solid as it sticks to the ground, not flipping over. So to help the front should be just as wide as the rear, the barrel looking front end should be more jet engine like, and lengthening the back end to fit a turret would be nice as well.

  • vehiclesix 5a263b2d2385e35@2x - What if the Oppressor, Deluxo, Scramjet, Vigilante, Ruiner, etc. didn't have missiles?Weapons
    • Dual flexible hood-mounted GAU-19/A Gatling Guns – .50 BMG – 1300 RPM x 2 – 3000 rounds
    • Rear Mounted 35mm Bushmaster III Autocannon Turret – 35mm Armor-Piercing Explosive – 200 RPM – 200 rounds
  • Armor: STANAG LEVEL 4
    • Bullet resistant up to 14.5x114mm AP at point blank range so Explosive Snipers can't hurt you. High explosive resistance – 8 sticky/2 homing or vehicle mine/.5 RPG (vehicle destroyed but occupants can get out), should be extremely bullet resistant with 20mm Explosive Cannons being the exception.
    • Unfortunately the rear and the front turbine have no armor at all so engine will take massive damage if shot directly in the hole in the front of the car or anywhere in the rear with either a gun or explosive but everything else is bulletproof.
  • Performance: Top Speed – 200 MPH (w/afterburner); 150 MPH (no afterburner); 0-60 MPH in 2.7 seconds.
  • Countermeasures: EMP – creates a large electrical AoE field that lasts for 1 second around the vehicle, , and if timed right will destroy incoming missiles the moment they enter into the field as well. 5 second cool-down; 10 uses.
    • Also will shutdown unarmored vehicles who enter the field for a second.
  • Bike Ejection: You can eject the vehicle in a "Vigilante Motorbike", destroying the vehicle in the process but allowing a quick escape.
  • Grappling Hook: Fires a short-ranged harpoon into a nearby vehicle and allows you to drag them around, only works on vehicles lighter than 2.5 tons. Grappling hook can also be used on stationary structures to pull the Vigilante around, like firing the hook into a building and then pulling the vigilante up to drive on the walls.
  • Rocket Boost: Rocket thrusters should give a massive boost in speed but shouldn't make the Vigilante actually fly in the air, it's just far too heavy for that. Also cool-down time should be nerfed.
  • Vigilante should get unique car icon on map.

Scramjet – Based off the Mach 5 from the Speed Racer anime, the Mach 5 however wasn't armed.

  • Weapons:
    • Mega Saw – Mach 5 never had guns or missiles but it did have 2 huge beefy saws mounted on the front, kept hidden under the car it could deploy to help ram through trees in the anime. Gameplay wise should work like Arena War saws but deals a ton more damage.
  • Armor: STANAG LEVEL 2.
    • The Mach 5 was incredibly durable, bullet proof and capable of slamming into walls at high speed with little effect on the car. Being an open-top car only the body is bulletproof, and the car has no explosive resistance.
  • Deflector Shield: The normally open-top car can be converted to a hard top with a bullet proof dome in a button press. With the deflector shield up you can't however shoot outside the vehicle or launch drones.
    • Reflects bullets up to 5.56/7.62mm AP at point blank range so assault rifle using armor piercing rounds can't shoot you out of the vehicle. Low explosive resistance – can survive 4 grenades or 1 sticky, armor-piercing snipers and machine guns will still shoot straight through however.
  • Performance: Top Speed: 188 MPH; 0 – 60 in 2 seconds.
    • 4WD + Extreme traction tires allow it to go around corners at extreme speeds while also being capable of racing on any surface, including the walls of buildings.
  • Auto Jack: Hydraulics launch the car into the air, as normal.
  • Rocket Booster: functions the same. Boosts top speed to 225 MPH.
  • Frogger Mode: Upon landing in water you float and can slowly drive on the surface much like the APC, but speed is massively reduced while in the water. You also can't jump while floating on the water unfortunately.
  • Drones: Like the Terrorbyte, passenger can deploy and control a fast moving spy drone, equipped with tazer and self-destruct bomb.

Stromberg – James Bond's
Wet Nellie, should keep the missiles, but lose some of that armor and gain more gadgets.

  • Weapons:
    • 4x Surface-to-Air Missiles – The vertical launch missile launcher should be installed behind the seats of the Stromberg with the tubes running from the top of the car to the bottom, allowing hot exhaust to exit from underneath the car. The missiles are launched straight into the air and can lock-on to any target around the car. They can also be launched from underwater to targets flying in the air above the Stromberg but not to underwater targets. Range, accuracy, and damage should be comparable to Homing Launcher.
    • 6x Mini Torpedoes – Torpedoes are stored and launched from the front of the car. Can only attack targets in or on top of the water (i.e. boats, submarines), torpedoes can't fly out of the water. RPG damage and blast radius. 5x
    • Proximity Mines – Can drop proximity mines from behind the car, mines function on both land and underwater
  • Armor: STANAG Level 2
    • Bullet resistant up to 5.56/7.62mm AP at point blank range so assault rifle using armor piercing rounds can't shoot you out of the vehicle. Low explosive resistance – 4 grenades/1 sticky, armor-piercing snipers and machine guns will still shoot straight through however.
  • Performance: Top Speed: 104 MPH; 0 to 60 MPH in 6.8 seconds.
  • Countermeasures: Smoke – dispenses a huge black smoke cloud from behind obscuring the vision of pursuers.
  • Submarine Mode: Same as before, turns car into submarine.
  • Also while not Stromberg specific realistically going underwater should remove you from radar, and make it impossible for missiles to lock-on to you. Bullets and most missiles shouldn't be able to penetrate more than a couple of meters of water as well.

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