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What if we got a GTA II remastered

GrandTheftAutoV8 - What if we got a GTA II remastered

And by remastered I really just mean a new game. GTA II's kinda the black sheep of the GTA franchise. It takes places in an 80s like vision of the future in a city named "Anywhere City" that's based on the Great Lakes area cities. The game's color palette was very black/dark blue oriented. It'd be like Cyberpunk but… actually cyberpunk. It could have a soundtrack that consists entirely of downbeat 80s electronic music (think Blue Monday by New Order). The protagonist was Claude who's a mute so while different, that could still be somewhat interesting. It could take place in Chicago and then the Island design would still make sense (somewhat). The map would be remarkably flat but there could still be some nice plains and gorgeous waterfront cliffs they could incorporate. It'd also be cool to see snow as a part of the regular weather cycle.

One thing I found interesting about GTA II was the gang system. There were three gangs you could work for and you just pick one and that's whose side you were on. It'd be interesting to see how this could play out in the form of a fleshed out story.

It'd be cool if all the cars were versions of 80s supercars, just with the ability to fly. They could milk the fu*k out of the online.

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