Grand Theft Auto V

What is the progression and what are the goals?

GrandTheftAutoV2 - What is the progression and what are the goals?

Simple, as the headline says…
I have bought GTAV a few years ago but never got into it. A friend of mine pressed me to give it a try… so I tried 40 hours… and was turned away -again. Okey, I could get over the EXTREMELY Plebeic and limited UI navigation… BUT there is no reason to grind for!!!

As far as end-goals goes … what there is to do? I don't mind grinding, in fact I am looking for a proper game to grind. I have played SWTOR for 5 years already soo I am going from that angle …

The Golden Rule of Grinding: Grinding for the sake of faster grinding is no gameplay
Heists? Okey, Ops, ehm Raids in WoW terms – they have VERY limited rewards, but I can get behind the challenge itself.
Missions? Played like 15 of them but those are limited and fast. Extremely repetitive, same in objectives and not much worth it in cash/hour.
Races? Okay, I can install old Need for Speed Carbon or Underground and that offers way more content and proper progression/goals/rewards
PvP Deathmatch? Don't get me started…

Then, from what I was told, there are gunrunning, car reselling and drug-making activities… but from what I have seen – it's the same as missions… "Go to point A" / "Kill the NPC and bring the item X" and only thing you get is cash …

One of the things that kept me in SWTOR was housing – which is nonexistent in GTA and I find that extremely hilarious … a game about "making your own criminal empire", yet there is no proper housing like in SWTOR or in ESO …


Soooooo …. please, correct me, explain to me, illuminate me … but from those 40 hours I have played, GTAV has VERY limited content. All there is – its just shiny useless shit that serves no purpose, the only challenge is in the form of Heists but those have little to no rewards (No, I don't mean cash – I mean useful stuff and really rare shiny stuff to decorate your hou— oh there is no housing…). The majority of Missions are repetitive tasks like fetch quests from the 2006 WoW. And those activities like "Bunker" are only for the weapon/vehicle upgrades – but no content to use it in …

What I was expecting? After all those years – Challenging content with interesting and unique mechanics that require cooperation from players, Tons upon TONS of unique challenges with shiny and/or useful rewards. Challenging Gamemodes that are unique form each other with meaningful rewards. Some types of proper player Housing. Some kind of daily/weekly and reputation systems.

What I have found?
-Low effort copypaste from other games but with zero innovation and literary minimum to ZERO Useful rewards.
-Only Challenging activities are Heists.
-nonexistent housing
-nonexistent meaningful rewards
-The only reason to play is "grind so you can buy item X that will help you grind faster" but there is nothing to grind for
-The Cancer in public lobbies that is bigger than in Moba games and I thought that was impossible…

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