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[XBOX] Me and my friends worst and disgusted GTA V Online crew “TEAM” experience!!!

GrandTheftAutoV10 - [XBOX] Me and my friends worst and disgusted GTA V Online crew “TEAM” experience!!!

With this post Me and my friend would like to share with everyone about a very disgusting treatment by “TEAM” crew via Xbox platform.

So my friend/mentor of GTA was a crew member of this crew called “TEAM” but after I joined the crew (I saw on Reddit he advertised the crew) he left. I tried to find him because, he was the one who posted this crew, so I asked him what happened?

He refused to tell me at the beginning but after he saw I’m trustful he told me the whole story:

“One night i was in an crew session with only crew members with me altogether there were 4 players. I was having fun and fooling around with riding a bicycle lol, then I ride close to one of the crew member, the guy stopped his car and came close to me with a rifle but I couldn’t imagine he would kill me because our crew has serious rules about NO TEAM mate KILLING and NO KILLING back ! Because before they used to kicked one player. So I had no balls to kill back lol.

So, I didn’t move just kept riding, then when he saw me ride away he shot me down and killed me. Some more details is I had a 5k bounty on me, but still the rules are about no killing even if you got a bounty. I got a little mad but I didn’t kill him back, so first I made a report to the crew discord bot, then later I could get a report solution, plus I told the story in general chat and proved with killing history picture.

But from here they gave me a BIG surprise, two of the new crew mods, started to making jokes about its was fair killing because who the hell rides a bike in game …. Well it doesn’t felt good because they gave me the feeling like they won’t care, so I said please warn the guy because rules are rules NO KILLING, if you two won’t warn him as mod, then I’ll kill him back.

At this point one of the mod officially warned me if I kill back it means I’ll break the rules and he will warn or kick me…. WOW!

It left a very bad taste in my mouth but I carried on and didn’t talk more in the chat, and later the crew GM joined and started to making fun about the bike too… but they don’t get the point is if they gave us a rule and someone broke it they should care 🤷🏻‍♂️ but they warned me the one who got killed lol…. WTH?

After the incident, I’ve waited 4-5 days for the crew report system (usually the mods has to reply), but nothing and no one contacted me…. So I felt disgusted then I left with peace.

After 1-2 days I left “One other mod” texted me in pm asking me why I left, so I told him I’m not satisfied with the mods job, not keeping with the rules and made jokes on me, but he didn’t really answered my questions or problems, he kept asking me how does he going to do casino heist b2b…. (because I was the best hacker in the crew).

So I told him we can still do but I won’t go back until the mods not changing their mind and giving me an answer (tried to be nice with him).”

By the a week passed I was still in their discord chat, I saw people started asking about My friend but the mods had no balls telling everyone why he left, the mods just started to bash dirt on his name, saying he broke the rules with wanted to kill team crew …. but they never told why, plus he never did kill anyone “just wanted”.

I felt as a spectator its so unfair, so I posted the story to gtavonline subreddit and commented their crew team recruitment.

With 3-4 days passed the mod who warned my friend saw my comment and my post so he started bash dirt on us saying my friend is a “cry baby” and left because he couldn’t kill back 🤦🏻‍♂️ but as a grown man they don’t understand their job ,if you made a team rule as mod, why can’t your keep it up? Why would you make jokes when someone report something, first of all it’s so disrespectful, and after an official report, how couldn’t your give the client a solution or answer ?


But this is not everything ! He started bash more dirts saying my friend never helped them always left when they needed him, which is not true because for very their heist he helped them hack and make the sales too! Even on his own heist my friend helped him, but when we mentioned it in the comment he had no face to answer the truth. And an other crew member on discord started to saying people are dck calling other players dck and dirty words…. It really shows this crew energy and mentality 🤢.

Other players were curious about the details so they started asking “the mod who warned my friend “ people gave him few questions about the incident but he couldn’t even answer any of them, only tried to cover up his mistakes and taking circles around the case.

The story not ended here, yesterday night the mod One of the other mod texted ThreeTheCEO my friend on Xbox about why we shared the story sharing and chat histories. (They don’t like that we made their fault so viral). My friend kindly asked him to add him back to discord.

But here the sh*t going to pop up:

My friend told them, because it’s true and people gotta know the truth and you guys couldn’t give me the right solution, and this Other mod started to cover up again, saying it’s all my friends fault, he didn’t keep going contacting the mods about the incident…. LOL let me ask you guys , what’s the mods job? Isn’t their job if someone report something, then they have to solve it ???? How comes like the member has to keep going after the mods ? 🤔 Saying my friend is mad and left just because he couldn’t kill back … OMG… they still don’t understand he left because they didn’t give a F and kicked up the team rules as mods.

In the end my friend said he wants peace but first the mod who lied and warned my friend has to tell the crew members the truth about he never broke the rules, but left with peace and stop lying about him. But this Other mod wasn’t happy with it he said we have to first delete the posts then he’ll see… 😂 He really felt himself like in some drug transaction. But we said no only if he apologies about his lies and tell the truth to others plus correct his lies about my friend. So This mod who contacted my friend went crazy mad and deleted my friend …

And for today the liar mod deleted himself from Reddit, because more people saying he’s lying and he couldn’t face it.

Here some chat and story and comment from them and us:

Please help us let more people know about this rotten crew and don’t let other new players get treated like this !

Please like and share the post!

Thank you!

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