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How would you feel about sourcing car parts to make your own personal vehicle

gta6 5 - How would you feel about sourcing car parts to make your own personal vehicle

What if in GTA 6 you had individual projects to work on to make money.

What I mean by this is that you can source parts from different scrap yards, or parts stores, what have you and use them to modify a stolen gang car, and after a few hours of in game time you have a totally separate car which you didn’t have to pay for that performs well and can be sold for 500 grand

Parts earned through actually going into scrapyards, stealing a part, and getting back out. Some could favor stealthy approaches like sneaking into a scrap yard and grabbing a part without letting the dogs bark at you to alert security, some could involve distraction like setting off an explosion out front of the police station so that you can steal an impounded car, some could just let you have a fire fight like taking a Turbo off of a gang members car after you kill all the hostiles

These cars that you source for parts can be used as personal vehicles but have a greater sense of customizability than mod garage cars, for instance maybe if you add armored plating it slows the car down, or if you add bigger exhausts it will actually sound louder, different tires have better grip for streets while others can climb sand better, maybe your suspension could be set to handle street or off-road conditions.

You could have a ridiculous amount of customization for if you want to make the car your own, or even get in contact with buyers and make cars based on their needs and get money based on their own satisfaction.


Another cool thing would be that you can have a license plate get pinged for a crime, and when you are around cops they’ll attack you, so maybe you could hire people for your garage to help you with this. Maybe a guy in your garage could source cars that are the same model as what you own so that you can forge a license plate which doesn’t trace back to any crimes.

Maybe if you get stars in a forged license plate that doesn’t trace back to that model car, like if you stole or forged a license plate from a banshee when you drive a sand king, the cops will instantly give you a bonus star whenever you get in trouble with the law.

Grand theft auto is about stealing cars yet in the original gta online from release the only time you stole cars was for 10,000 dollars from Simeon. Making the actual sourcing of parts for you to make your own car which suits your play style should be a huge part of GTA. Just imagine all the customization guides. Like “I made a Sabre turbo into a tank” or “turn your Karin Futo into the ultimate race machine”

Now there are now max modded cars because everything’s different, you can spend 30 minutes figuring out how to make your car as fast as possible let alone getting the parts or making the handling up to standard too.

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