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【GUIDE】 Augmented Armor Defense Values

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Rarity changes the amount of times a piece of armor can be upgraded after augmentation.

Rarity 8 armor can be augmented 10 times, maxing it at level 11, giving it +20 Defense

Rarity 7 armor can be augmented 13 times, maxing it at level 14, giving it +26 Defense

Rarity 6 armor can be augmented 16 times, maxing it at level 17, giving it +32 Defense

Rarity 5 armor can be augmented 19 times, maxing it at level 20, giving it +38 Defense

While going through the list of armors we can notice that while rarity and their defenses seem to be random, the follow a pattern.

Rarity 8 has armor with a maximum augmented defense of 72 -> 92

Rarity 7 has armor with a maximum augmented defense of 64 -> 90

Rarity 6 has armor with a maximum augmented defense of 56 -> 88

Rarity 5 has armor with a maximum augmented defense of 48 -> 86

The amount of times they can be augmented also seems to follow a step ladder of 3 times.

If we did get a hypothetical Rarity 9;

Rarity 9 armor could be augmented 7 times, maxing it at level 8, giving it +14 Defense

If it's Max Base Defense would be 80, it could be augmented to a maximum defense of 94.

Using the graphic below to look at how these augmentations interact with each other, interestingly Rarity 7 and Rarity 8 armors are rather comparable. It does make room for lower rarity armors to become very promising, if their starting base defense is high.

Rarity 87292
Rarity 87090Rarity 76490
Rarity 86888Rarity 76288Rarity 65688
Rarity 86686Rarity 76086Rarity 65486Rarity 54886
Rarity 86484Rarity 75884Rarity 65284Rarity 54684
Rarity 86282Rarity 75682Rarity 65082Rarity 54482
Rarity 64880Rarity 54280
Rarity 64678Rarity 54078
Rarity 64476Rarity 53876
Rarity 53674
Rarity 53472
Rarity 53270

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