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【GUIDE】 Elemental Caps ; Revised

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There are 3 elemental tiers, each tier subtracts from the multiplier that's used to calculate the elemental cap;

Elemental Cap:

Base Element * (1+(1/3)) - Tier Difference

If you are using Free Element, each level of Free Element unlocks a 3rd of the element, the elemental caps for those values follow the same pattern but the value is rounded down to the nearest 10th.

For instance the Lumu Barone III Hunting Horn has a Hidden Water Value of 570.

With 2 levels of Free Element:

570 * (2/3) = 380

380 * (1+(1/3) = 506.666

ROUNDDOWN(506.66) = 500

The base value of 380 is in the Tier 2 range so we will -10

500 - 10 = 490

And so 490 is the elemental Cap for lvl2 Free Element Lumu Barone III

63084020790 (820)5
60080020760 (780)5
57076020730 (740)5
54072020690 (700)5
450Tier 3600205805
180Tier 2240102302
60Tier 180801
(+5 elem + HH)


Quick note, while most calculations in MH:W use rounddown since decimals aren't used in calculations, there is an instance of general rounding with element attack up.

Take Base Element 390 for instance.

With 4 levels of element boost we use the calculation: ROUND(Base*1.05) + 100

ROUND(390*1.05) + 100

410 + 100 = 510


390*1.05 = 409.5, if it was rounded down to the nearest 10th it would have been 400, but that doesn't happen, so it's one of our only cases of general rounding.

This also happens to be the elemental cap for 390, which makes 4 levels of element up "optimal". But it's up to you if it's worth the extra deco slot for +20 element from lvl 3 to lvl 4.


Damage Calculations use the True Element similar to how True Raw is used for physical damage, but in the case of element we divide by 10.

390 Fire, in terms of damage calculations is 39 * Monster Hit Value for Fire for each attack. This why it can sometimes be negligible to use an element attack deco that provides only 10 or 20 increase to your display element.

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