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144 page D&D Monster Hunter Monster Manual

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Hello everyone, My name is Amellwind and I love D&D and the monster hunter series. When monster hunter world came out. I had the idea that I wanted to use some of that games monsters in D&D, but the ones I came across were poorly made. I saw that there was some interest in D&D monsters on this subreddit and wanted to share what I have for those who might be interested. I have posted over on dnd before so if you want more information on my thought process for why I created these feel free to check my history for that post.

Below you fill find the entire 144 page monster manual in pdf form and on and below that is each section of the manual for easier download and previewing. Hope you guys enjoy and those who don't always visit the dnd subreddits but love monster hunter can make use of these creatures.

Full Monster Hunter Monster Manual – Please note the PDF link is 156 MB and to large to preview

Monster Hunter Monster Manual | PDF

Sections of the Monster Hunter Monster Manual – You can get a preview of all the

Monster Hunter Bestiary: Bird Wyvern & Theropods | PDF

Monster Hunter Bestiary: Fanged Beasts | PDF


Monster Hunter Bestiary: Flying Wyvern | PDF

Monster Hunter Bestiary: Brute Wyverns, Fanged Wyverns, & Monstrosities | PDF

Monster Hunter Bestiary: Leviathans, Amphibians, Carapaceons, & Piscine Wyverns | PDF

Monster Hunter Bestiary: Neopterons, Elder Dragons, & a Temnoceran | PDF

Monster Hunter Bestiary: Herbivores, Lynians & Snake Wyverns | PDF

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