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3 horrifically overrated monsters, and one (at least, I think) underrated one.

MonsterHunterWorld5 - 3 horrifically overrated monsters, and one (at least, I think) underrated one.

I am a frequent flier to monsterhunterrage, which if you haven't been to before, go to it. It's by far my favorite monster hunter sub, and has some of the funniest posts I've seen on reddit, as well as being the perfect place to judgement freely vent and let the anger out. The only problem with mhr, is that it's only rage, no discussion. So I've migrated here to talk about some monsters I discovered in my recent return to iceborne that I think are WAY overrated, and one monster that I think is really underapreciated. So let's start with these overrated monsters. Be prepared, this going to be super long and ranty. And feel free in the comments to argue with me, just keep it respectful, and dont just say "well, I like him, so ha."

Alright, some history. I started monster hunter on the 3ds with 3u. I had no idea what I was doing but ended up falling in love with the series. I played world until xeno and then stopped. Then I came back with iceborne, played the new dlc in base world, played through all of iceborne solo, and left after safi and stygian. I then recently came back, and fought all the new monsters. Furious rajang, is, fine. I originally hated him, but I fought him again and hes honestly not that bad. Raging brachydios is way too big, and honestly 90% of that fight I hated, but the last phase is fucking amazing. Alatreon is… weird. I really like him for the most part, but HATE how escaton judgement makes you use certain weapons, especially as a hammer main, where element is basically a meme. Fatalis is fucking terrible, and I dont care what anyone says to the contrary, and it's the worst dlc monster in iceborne (or it could be frostfang barioth, but I wouldn't FUCKING KNOW BECAUSE ITS ONLY AVAILABLE DURING AN EVENT THATS NOT EVEN PERMANENT FUUUUUUUUCCCC-)


So now that I'm back, I've done some reflection, and I've decided that some monsters just suck, and I dont get the praise. The first one that I think I'll get flamed the least for is bazelgeuse. I dont get this one at all. It has to be all people who are new to world who love this one, because everything he is is just done better by other monsters. The explosions thing was done better by brachydios, the invader was done better by deviljho, hell, a FLYING invader was done better by seregios. And dont eve get me started with the fight. It's so boring. He is so slow, that my grandma could run a 40 faster than this guy can charge. The fight always boils down to this: hit him in the face for 30 seconds, back off a bit, hit him again for 30 seconds, get hit by a little pinecone explosion, get back up to him, repeat. And seething is just as bad. They're both so boring, and since their hp is so high it always takes forever. Someone NEEDS to explain the appeal, because I really dont see it. Unless it really is just world noobs who never saw deviljho, brachydios, or seregios. That's about it for goose, just a boring amalgamation of better monsters. I'm going to be destroyed no matter which I say next, so I'll just say them together, nargacuga and tigres are both bad. We'll go with nargacuga first because I have like nothing to say, because this monster is basically nothing. It's just so, meh. It's a panther, yippee. That's really all it is. If silverwind, or lucient were the normal species, I'd get it, absolutely. But normal nargacuga is just so, there. He really is just a panther. And then ragegaming went on and on about it being the ultimate predator but, it doesn't show that in its fight. Its fight is honestly kinda boring. It doesn't have any special gimmicks to keep you on your toes, it sits still during and after a lot of attacks which lets you just beat on it. That's really all narga is, just meh. He's not bad like bazel and tigrex, he's just nothing special. And now for tigrex. Tigrex sucks all the ass. The one thing he gets, is the roar thing is neat, and he looks cool. I used to like tigrex, I used to have him charge 90 times in a row and just smile and clap. But not anymore, oh no. I'm done with this annoying bullshit. I will not put up with him anymore. Out of enrage, tigrex is a pushover. He's slower than an actual clam, and even his damage feels subpar. But when he enrages, oh god the pain. Not because hes directly inflicting it on me, no. That pain is from me smashing my head into a wall waiting for his cocaine-addled ass to sit fucking still. He just charges, over, and over, and fucking over. And he doesn't stop, not until he finally stops raging, and goes back into being an actual sloth. It's just, tedious. And his lore isnt even cool either. Yeah, hes relentless, but so is like half the other monsters. That's not unique in any way. Hell, diablos had that shit down since day one. And it's not like it changes the fight in any way. He still leaves the area, he doesn't follow you, he doesn't even stick to your ass like a hemorrhoid or anything. I think I get the popularity though. Tigrex was the flagship of freedom unite, and anyone who's played that game knows that only masochists enjoy it. And the flagship of a game is always super popular. It's like lagaicrus, hes one of the most loved monsters in the series purely because he's the flagship of 3u, when so many people probably have never even fought him. People were peer pressured into loving tigrex. And if you didnt love him, you got crucified. So we all Stockholm's syndromed ourselves into thinking he was a well designed fun monster. So please, if you agree with me, speak up. I need to know how many people have actually suffered in silence. Its like a little experiment. Anyway, onto my second favorite elder dragon

Christ that was a long ass rant, anyway, shara ishvalda is the most underappreciated monster in the whole series, at least I think so? No one ever really talks about him, so I'm not sure what the general consensus is on him, but personally he's my second favorite elder dragon, only behind shagaru. He's just so, fun. Every attack is super telegraphed and fair, he doesn't spam, and every attack doesn't bring you down to one hp like everything after him. The perfect difficulty for me. Not too stupid and annoying to the point of boredom, but not so easy its mindless. And his design is just so, alien. Truly something I've never seen before, I love it. Sure, the first phase is super easy, and is pretty much just best the shit out of him until he decides to show his true power. But the second phase is so good it makes up for it tenfold. And the bait and switch is so good when he sheds his armor and becomes his scary star trek alien ass. I love everything about him and I'm genuinely curious if anyone can say anything bqd about him. I mean, I could be horrifically wrong and everyone could love him and sing his praises constantly, but fuck it I need to vent my live for this earth dragon at some point.

Tl;dr: fuck bazel and tigrex, narga exists, and shara can have my firstborn

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