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85 hours into World and I’m loving the Gunlance more and more

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It really is amazing what one game can do for a weapon. I asked about Gunlance help a while ago before starting World, but holy cow is this thing amazing.

First let's start with the shield. The damn thing might as well just be coded to have the Engineer's "NOPE!" play whenever you block something. And yeah I know there's gonna be attacks that I'll need Guard Up for (and fu*k that) but it's amazing what Guard 5 or even 4 can do for you. Who needs Earplugs when you got a fu*khuge shield? Hell, who even needs high-end armor, aside from skills? As someone who almost exclusively used weapons that couldn't block previously (Greatsword in Gen, Bow in 3U, SA in 4U, Hammer in FU, and intending to use Dual Blades heavily in GU), I've failed countless quests because I didn't run the right way or have enough time to pull off a Superman dive. But with the Gunlance's shield? Well fu*k you Black Diablos, I'm sure that charge would hurt but it ain't gonna do shit! Oh, and now I have a few seconds for a Wyvern Fire on your poor, fragile legs!

And THAT brings me to the offensive options I've been using and loving! Because holy fu*k the sky's the limit with this bad boy. All those monsters with pesky armors or hard-to-break spots? Well fu*k you, Radobaan and Barroth and Uragaan, Imma just gonna shell them into oblivion! And DOUBLE FU*K YOU LAVASIOTH, you think you're so cool because you stole Agnaktor's lava gimmick? Well guess what bi*ch, the Gunlance is your kryptonite because you got the lava armor's weakness too, and enough fire damage'll soften that armor no sweat. And guess what damage type shelling does in addition to raw? Oh look at that, your head just got busted open. Oh look at that, now you're dead.


And that's not even getting into the Wyrmstake at all! The damn thing pretty much makes me feel like Kenshiro some times. And why wouldn't it? There's few feelings as great as being seemingly on the ropes, or a monster's just about to escape, only for that explosive rod you jammed into it seconds ago finally detonates, giving you that stagger or kill you were praying it would. And not just that, the damn thing counts as CUTTING DAMAGE. I couldn't believe it at first but it's happened too often for it to just be World being buggy. You jam that stake in a monster's tail, let it wiggle around a bit, and then BAM, off goes the fu*ker's tail. Yeah you gotta reload it after every use but it's worth it.

Even the fact that I'll have to wait for Kulve Taroth before getting a Wide 4 Gunlance doesn't hurt that bad. Wide 3 is already death incarnate when you give it Capacity Up, giving its Full Bursts what's functionally a fu*king massive FIFTY PERCENT DAMAGE BOOST from having just one extra shell. For Normal-type Gunlances, Cap Up is barely worth it because of how weak each individual shells are, but with Wide it gets RIDICULOUS. The weakest Gunlance for Full Bursts suddenly turns around and BAM, now it's the BEST GL for Full Bursts! And that's even before we get into the craziness of Artillery 3 buffing those shells by another 30% each. So just imagine what it's gonna be with once you got a Wide 4 Gunlance!

Is the weapon a bit sluggish? Sure I'll admit to that, but it's not like the monsters aren't keen on bringing the fight to you, anyways. Drop a Health Booster or Affinity Booster, or hell, if you really want to troll them, drop the manner Cleansing Booster and stand your ground right then and there. You got upswings. You got shells. You got Wyvern Fire. You got Wyrmstakes. You got the best damn shield in the game, just coupled with a weapon that isn't just All Pokes All Day Every Day. You got plenty of viable attack strings that flow just fine.

Is part of this just World being World? Probably. Like hell am I going to touch the GL in Gen with that godawful heat gauge. But World just seems magically tailored to this amazing weapon. We'll have to see what the final Elder Dragons entail though…

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