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9* Hunts 101 Because HOLY HELL!

MonsterHunterWorld1 - 9* Hunts 101 Because HOLY HELL!

Alright I know MHW is the first mainstream MH and a decent amount of the community is new to the series but holy hell I cannot stand the amount of basics that are getting forgotten about for 9* Tempered Elder Hunts and honestly tempered hunts in general. So here is a quick review. No more will I standby as players toss up 4 reward hunts only to fail almost instantly.

Rule 1 – Bring Flashpods/Bombs EDIT: Dragon Pods can interrupt as well if elder becomes flash immune

This should go without saying as you should know by now. Bring flash pods! Use flash pods at the right time! Is teostra about to go chevy nova? Flashpod! Is Kushala whipping up too many tornadoes? Flashpod(When she is not inside a tornado)! Nerg about to dive? Flashpod! Etc.

Mega barrel bombs are also used at the start and end of a fight(when monster falls asleep if it reaches that point, which it shouldn't)

Rule 2 – Buff up

Demondrug + Armorskin of any level you can make.

Rule 3 – If you are sub half health. HEAL!

Too many times I see hunters not heal back up when getting hit for more than half their health. Is it not obvious enough? You just lost more than half your health to a normal attack, you are dead next hit. Heal up. Which brings me to my next point


Rule 4 – Upgrade your armor, use vitality gems, use vitality mantle

If you are not confident against a monster use the latter 2 items. You should be upgrading armor. If you are getting one shot by a Kushala dive your amor is not strong enough.

Rule 5 – If the monster isn't near you. IT WILL BE!

Too many times I see ranged users at half health, just d*cking around and then the monster jumps across the map and carts them. Always assume that your target can and will jump to attack you.(See Rule 2)

Rule 6 – Use mounts to your advantage

This may be a lesser used one, but my friends and I all follow it if our full group is on. Blow up bombs to start fight and two people attempt for a mount. Why you may ask? Because a mount will allow you a LARGE damage window on the elder your are fighting that isn't wasting a flashpod at an inopportune time.

I am sure there are more but those are basics I see pretty much ignored post HR 50 and even higher HR players.


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