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A beginner’s thoughts 200 hours into World.

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I was never more than slightly curious with Monster Hunter, but World made me risk it and dive in balls deep. Boy-oh-boy was that the right call, but this isn't a post just about Monster Hunter: World, rather about Capcom's mindset as of late.

I run a tiny YouTube channel (90 subs, the latest video on which was the review for MH:W. I'll sneak it in somewhere so I can get more than 14 views, ^^*sorryI'mrealdesperateherepeople*), for which I made a video about Resident Evil 6, which I liked for what it was – a stupid action movie-esque videogame. That made a lot of my friends go "Now do 7!".

Yeah, no, that shit too scary for me, but judging from the impact it had I was impressed, I have a love-hate relationship with Capcom, they gave me Devil May Cry (It's been 10 years since 4, no, the reboot doesn't count!) and Onimusha (It's been 14 years since 3, no, Dawn of Dreams doesn't count!) and it honestly takes some massive balls to double down on a game that could very well fail tremendously.

Did it? Yeah, we know the answer to that. World is a fantastic experience, one of the most rewarding I've ever had. There's one thing I didn't say in my

, simply because I didn't know where to fit it in, so what better place to do it than here?

Thing is, World doesn't feel like a cashgrab, it feels like a passion project that's not made for a yearly/bi-yearly release schedule. All these patches, events, monster and gear drops from Capcom point at a clear drive towards longevity. We don't even have a PC release date yet. With so many franchises suffering from or moving away from a yearly release schedule (CoD, Assassin's Creed, every EA Sports game that's the exact same as the last one in almost every regard), here's Capcom busting through the door crotch first and showing every dev out there how it's done. Even Ubisoft, who have embraced the "games as a service" model with Ghost Recon, For Honor and Siege (which I sit on daily), still struggle with monetizing their content – unlocking a single Operator in Siege takes about 20-25 hours of gameplay if you don't want to pay. Yeah, I get why they do it, but their monetization is inconsistent and very obnoxious.

And here's Capcom busting into the scene crotch first with no microtransactions that affect gameplay in a game that's all about gear and loot.

Honestly, that takes balls and if the success of MH:W is any indication (reminder, we still don't have the game on PC) other companies have to follow suit, or they'll fall into the trap of being compared to Monster Hunter: World, which is a good trap to have in the industry.

I can't wait what the future holds for Capcom and Monster Hunter, and how the industry will reshape itself after this.

Also, mods, if you consider this self promotion, I'll gladly edit it out.

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