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A Case for Nostalgia

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Nostalgia's a bi*ch.

Lately, I have been reading more and more posts on this sub saying how they don't enjoy a particular part of the game that, arguably, used to be great. The SOS system, the lack of communication compared to other games, the incessant carting from randoms on some quests, Lunastra/ATK being boring, etc. I'm not here to praise MHW as the best game in the world (pun intended), but I'll happily acknowledge that it does have flaws.

I'm not one, but I think as developers, you have to go for those daring changes to see what sticks. World's QoL changes are arguably amazing compared to the clunky system of the past. SOS system works great for people who want to hunt whatever they want because there will always be someone joining. When rooms of 4 were a thing there was more communication, sure, but there was also rotation. You had to do quests you didn't necessarily want to do sometimes, unless it was a specific monster room. That system was very good for meeting people, but it was still flawed, I'd like to propose that you just remember it being amazing because you have better memories of it. It is hard to recreate or make new fond memories when you're older. Again, nostalgia is a bi*ch.


I feel that people that have played MH before might feel disenfranchised because "it's not like it used to be". Well, I don't mean to sound pedantic, but you're not twelve years old anymore.

Everyday we get posts in this sub about new players that are loving the franchise. They are creating fresh memories of MH, just like others did playing MHFU or whatever you started with.

All opinions are valid. You can have totally valid arguments why something in World is not great. If anything, it is good to complain on an objectively bad mechanic so that it gets fixed (like having to watch a cutscene in a story mission before people join, for example).

I'm not 100 sure where I'm going with this, but I hope it can put some things into perspective from both sides when you see differing opinions, from both newcomers and previous MH players.

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