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A complete guide to Safi Jiva (Who comes back in 2 days)

MonsterHunterWorld2 - A complete guide to Safi Jiva (Who comes back in 2 days)

Welcome to

A Turbo Shitters guide to Safi’Jiva By paragon of honor

Welcome to the grind fields mother*******


  • Intro
  • Mechanics and Advanced Techniques
  • Cooperation
  • Maximizing your Hunt (rewards and how to get them)
  • Rules of the Squad (how not to be a dick)


Welcome to a crap guide to- wait, wrong intro. So you want to hop in the new siege style fight but have no idea where to start? You’ve come to the right place. Sucking at something is the first step to being good at something.

Shorthand notes

  • Always run partbreaker 3
  • Keep all 6 parts tenderized always
  • Always keep life powder on you for when a teammate gets pinned. Otherwise they get one shot. (There is free dust of life in the box at the start of the siege)
  • Leave the mega potions in the box for the healers.

What is the Fight?

Safi’Jiva is a siege style fight that takes place over multiple encounters, with the final goal being to slay the beast. But that’s just the in game goal, when in reality we can get more rewards than what the game blatantly states.

How does it work?

Like Kulve Taroth, Safi’Jiva is a multi stage fight that takes place across multiple areas, but unlike KT, the core objective is always the same: Kill Safi’Jiva.

Mechanics and Advanced Techniques

Safi’Jiva is your classic big fuck off dragon, but with lasers. Tail swipes, bites and breath attacks, and stomping. The usual. But it also copies a handful of mechanics from our old friend Behemoth.

  • Enmity: That’s right. Aggro is back. Basically after doing enough damage to Safi it will target 1 person. That person needs to keep doing damage to Safi to keep it’s attention, otherwise “Safi’s attention has been lost.” will occur and it will start doing a lot more rapid and wide sweeping attacks, which will easily wipe you and/or your whole team out if you aren’t careful.
  • Breath Pin: Safi will perform a pin attack against the aggroed target, scooping them up in her mouth and point blank blasting them with her laser. You HAVE to heal this person as this attack is otherwise a 1 shot. Hence why I said keep dust of life on you at all times.
  • Meteoric Flashbacks: Just like behemoth had a wipe mechanic if you didn’t do enough dps, Safi has a similar one. You can tell this attack is coming because Safi will ALWAYS fly up into the air to start this attack. As soon as she takes off, get behind a boulder asap “or it’s your butt!”. I have taken to calling this attack the Sapphire Star as it looks like one. It blasts the entire arena and will 1 shot you through temporal mantle. You are safe at camp tho.
  • Hardened Armor: Safi’s entire body is hardened. So please don’t just try and attack the monster, she needs to be tenderized. Insert innuendo here**. She has 6 parts that need to be tenderized.
    • Head
    • Front Left Leg
    • Front Right Leg
    • Back Left Leg
    • Back Right Leg
    • Tail
  • And every time she absorbs energy from the ground these parts re-harden and need to be re-tenderized. A Coordinated team that wants to break parts should focus on 1-2 parts and try to break them before switching on to other parts, but if you are just doing the siege with uncoordinated randos, just keep her parts tenderized so you aren’t bouncing and losing damage. Which leads me to my next talking point:
  • Breaking Parts: This is one of the more critical, and also less talked about points of the siege, and it was also critical for Kulve Taroth. Just like KT, Safi has a list of objectives for the whole siege, and roughly half of those objectives is to break all of Safi’s parts. However there is a caveat: These parts need to be focussed as they regenerate every time she heals.
    • I.E. If 1 person works on tenderizing and cutting the tail, but then Safi absorbs energy again, all (or at least most) of the progress that person made towards damaging that body part is gone and they have to start over again. It takes a coordinated team to properly break as many parts as possible.
    • Here is a list of the Siege objectives

o/ Glorious Cooperation o/

So you think you’re ready to take on the siege? I don’t think so. You need to find yourself a team first. Let me tell you a little secret, there is in fact an i in team, it’s just hidden inside the A-hole. Anyway, there are quite a few aspects to the siege that require both a full 4 man squad, as well as a 12-16 (i.e. 3-4 full teams) running the siege in order to meet certain objectives.

  • Breaking Parts: Like I mentioned above, it takes a cooperative and fairly diverse team to break as many parts as possible. So it is imperative to work together and bring the proper damage type (Slicing, blunt or shot) to the appropriate part. Please refer to the link above for objectives and parts to break.
  • Draining Energy: This part of the siege is what requires decent communication and a large group of players in a single server. (At least 3 groups, ideally made of 4 people each) At the end of the fight, whether Safi escapes or is slain or you all die, in the results screen there are 3 bars, 1 for each area’s energy being drained. A single squad of 4 people can only drain so much energy. If a single group drains all the area from 1 region, it will only be about 33% of the total bar. However multiple groups contribute to this effort. Which is why 3 full teams can accomplish fully draining the energy from each area. Draining each area is one of the objectives of the siege.
  • Healing: Ah yes, one of my favorite roles. The healer. If you have a skilled enough and coordinated group (which lets be honest, not all of you do) you won’t need a healer because you will all be competent enough not to cart, heal yourselves, deal with enmity, and use dust of life one someone has been pinned. However there are plenty of turbo shitters out there. It doesn’t matter how hot shit you think you are, you are a human. You are bound to fuck up and there is always room to improve. Which is why a healer is often a much welcomed member to any Safi group. There are several “out of nowhere” attacks as well as a handful that you simply can’t avoid (edit: nigh impossible to avoid) where a healer can be critical in keeping your entire team from wiping. If you want to be a healer, there are a few basics which I will list here. If you want to become a more dedicated/advanced healer, please look up a more detailed guide.
    • #Use Wide Range 5, Free Meal Secret (3 piece brute/tigrex armor) and Free Meal 3, and Gobbler 3. These are mandatory. Quite a few others skills compliment these, but these 3 are necessary for any healer build.
    • #Bring Potions, Mega Potions, Might Seeds, Might Pills, Adamant Seeds, Adamant Pills, Mega Demon Drug/Armor Skin, Life powder, Dust of Life, and Nul Berries.

How to Maximize your hunt (and rewards)


Ah the part everyone is foaming at the mouth for: The rewards. The loot, the armor, the glorious deeps. Well this section will be split up into 2 parts, how to get the rewards, and how they work.

Obyectives (that’s an inside joke)

  • This part is fairly simple and intuitive, but doesn’t mean it’s easy. Just complete the objectives from the list, get points in the siege, and improve the level of the siege. This will reward you with more dracolite, more weapon choices, and even a 4th weapon to keep.
  • Choosing your weapons: Unlike the Kulve Taroth siege, you only get to keep 3 out of the many weapons you are rewarded with. So if you are reading this before making your first mistake, be warned. Don’t just go mashing the A/X button trying to gobble up all of those weapons because you only get 3. But there is a nice little bonus: You will always be offered at least 1 weapon type of the kind you have when you completed the siege.
    • I.E. I use a bow to complete the siege, there will always be at least 1 bow in my rewards pool.
  • 4th Weapon Choice: No you’re not hallucinating, there is a way to get a 4th weapon from the rewards pool. And that is get the siege to level 13 by completing objectives. Simple. Except not at all. Good luck 🙂

Get that bread. Yeet that Wheat. Gain that Grain.

Ahh yes, you got it. The shiny rare 12 weapons with the new customizations. But what is dracolite? And how do I turn myself further into a genocide commiting god than I already am? Well let me explain.

  • Dracolite: A material you get for completing the Siege, it is used to “Level Up” your Safi weapons so that they have all of the spicy new power ups. But what are these power ups? And how do I know what’s best? And how do they work?

The short answer is: Gambling.

  • Melding: Hold your horses. Before we get straight to the gambling there is one other thing worth mentioning: Melding. You can turn excess Safi parts into weapons, and Excess Safi weapons into dracolite.
    • Awakening Alchemy: Turn excess Safi’Jiva parts into Safi Weapons. Simple enough. After you make the armor set (make the beta btw, better slots, less crappy perks) you are bound to end up with excess parts. At least you can do something useful with them instead of just turning them into zenny.
    • Sealing Alchemy: Turn excess/duplicate Safi weapons into dracolite. Simple enough. Don’t want or need a weapon? Turn it into dracolite. You will always need more dracolite, and here’s why.


Yup. Whether you love it or hate it, you have to gamble to turn your vanilla basic bitch Safi weapons into the stuff of legends.

The Basics

  • All Safi weapons of the same type will share the same base raw damage, elemental damage and affinity.
    • I.E. All greatswords will start with X amount of raw, 5% (I think all weapons start with 5% affinity) and Y amount of elemental damage.
  • There are 5 awakened “slots” on a single Safi weapon to fill with bonuses. Now if you’re out of the loop you may ask yourself “why is this important?” what is all the hype? Well
    • The main point is a safi weapon can become a set piece for armor, having buffs like Teostra Technique so you can put Teostra technique on your Safi weapon, and only have to run 2 pieces of Teostra armor. This is massive, as it allows for new set bonus combos never before seen or calculated.
    • Otherwise, there are some really big and massive bonuses that are tier related, all of which are previously seen as augments. Attack, Affinity, Defense, Deco slots, Element/Status up, Set bonuses, and a few other random thingies. And these power ups come in tiers, which relate to a weapons power.
      • For example, there is Attack I, II, III, IV, V, and VI (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) and each one has a corresponding level. If I have Attack 4, Affinity 5, and Defense 2 slotted into my Safi weapon, it has a total level of 11. But why does this matter? The higher your level of Safi weapon, the more dracolite you need to upgrade it each time.
      • #I have no idea whatever combinations make what weapons most powerful. I’m not a min max nerd.
  • Most bang for your buck: Ok, you have your dracolite, now what? Well, putting the upgrades on your Safi weapons works just like upgrading a weapon. Go to upgrade gear, and select a Safi weapon. You basically spend dracolite to hit a threshold which lets you choose 1 of 3 bonuses, or “store” the potential to get a rare-er set of options next round.
    • It’s simple. Except it’s gambling. What perks do you want? What is best? Frankly I have no idea at the moment because the siege has been out for 2 days, and the entire meta has shifted with these new options. Go ask some min/max nerds and get back to me.
    • #IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only store potential effectively up to 20. So after you have 20 stored potential any more won’t increase your odds of getting a rare-er awakening boost.

Rules of the Squad (How to not be a dick)

Now what I’m about to write is something you may have not thought of, but Safi’Jiva (and by extension KT) is a multi-party effort. It involves more than just you and your squad. It involves everyone on the server. So there are some courtesy things to consider when doing a siege fight.

  • Coordinate the Kill
    • When 1 team kills Safi’Jiva, everyone in the server stops progressing and gets rewards, and the reward level is individual. So if some team just started and is only on their first kill attempt, they get shit rewards despite putting time and effort into the kill. Ideally everyone can coordinate when to kill Safi so you can all get equal rewards and nobodies time gets wasted.
  • Work towards the objectives.
    • Even if your team doesn’t do a thing, you still get some points. So try and go after some of the harder objectives. Ranged weapons can try and break the wings, explosive weapons (i.e. mainly sticky bowguns with spare shot and artillery) can try breaking the chest or head. Got a melee weapon? Focus on the limbs you can reach.
  • Don’t take peoples spots.
    • At least in the The Nameless Order (xbox squad) we work to coordinate our teams of 4 to go together, and work together. Please do not try to sneak in and steal someone's spot, as that is both selfish and disruptive to the working team. This is considered a major offense by some of the more veteran hunters, and you may receive ire for committing this heinous act.

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