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A Complete Kulve Taroth Weapon Spreadsheet

478445 AARA1 1024x576 - A Complete Kulve Taroth Weapon Spreadsheet

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Hey everyone. I (with the help of members of the community) have been working on a version of the original Kulve Taroth Weapons spreadsheet for a while, and it is now data and feature complete.

Compared to the original sheet, it has:

  • Information for the maximum status/element a weapon can have and how many skills it takes to reach.

  • Ammo for the bowguns.

  • A search page to easily look through weapons of a single type.

  • A page for comparing Kulve weapons to their base game equivalent.

  • A basic weapon checklist.

  • Images of all the weapons' stat pages.


I can not emphasize enough how much of this was a community effort. Over 95% of the information was given by people who worked on the original sheet. The Weapon Search, which also acted as the base for the comparison page, was done by an individual on the original sheet, but it seems to no longer be there. The coding of the Max Element/Status column and 99% of the images were done by two separate individuals over the last week. Many mistakes that were carried over or I made were pointed out and given fixes by others. The only stuff I worked on (not counting some weapons on the original sheet) was the checklist and importing information on the base game weapons.

I hope you all can get some use from this.

PS: Some Kulve weapons do not have a base weapon to compare to. This is because I either excluded some weapons that do not appear as a Kulve equivalent. (Teostra, Kushala, etc.), or I could not a suitable base. Let me know if you find a good comparison, or if a base I excluded should appear.

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