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A comprehensive list of everything I have done to optimise play experience for MHW on PC for a 1060 3GB (Mostly consistent 60fps, and includes motion blur fix)

img intro02 1024x503 - A comprehensive list of everything I have done to optimise play experience for MHW on PC for a 1060 3GB (Mostly consistent 60fps, and includes motion blur fix)

Spent pretty much the past week trawling through as much of the internet as I can and experimenting to find the best settings possible to get that sweet balance of 60fps and a good look. Figure I should share my results as I've seen a lot of people who are wondering why they're still getting bad performance/appearance after various tweaks and aren't sure what they can do about it. And yes there is a motion blur fix for those who get motion sickness or just hate it.

When I say "mostly" 60fps, the game runs buttery smooth for me in most situations. However, if forced to render a lot of textures at once performance will dip, the lowest being specifically upon leaving Vaal Hazak's lair, at which it dips to 45fps. Other than that I am hitting 60fps in most situations, 55 at worst.

It is also worth mentioning I have OCed my graphics card. If you have not done so and want to get 60fps out of this game with your 1060, I advise you do so. It's very hard to do wrong as long as you have your trusty friend google so if destroying your card is something you're worried about, don't be. Or at least don't be so much. A healthy level of concern is never a bad thing.

Some of these changes are well documented on reddit already but some aren't and the more visible I can make these optimisations the better as far as I'm concerned.


I cannot stress this one enough. Everywhere I see people complaining about godawful framerates and terrible stuttering when particle effects are involved. This is because the latest driver supposedly optimised for MHW is bugged to high hell, and reverting it was by far the largest performance increase I got. It seems to offload the as much as it can of the graphical processing onto your CPU, based on the fact that I and many others were experiencing 0% GPU load for the entire runtime of the game.

The new driver is at it's absolute worst when running the Rotten Vale and fighting Kushala Daora in it's nest. Pre- reverting I was getting 30-35fps in parts of the Vale where the effluvium is particularly dense, and around 45fps on average in other parts of the map. The tornadoes in Kushala's nest made the game almost singlehandedly unplayable, dropping from a stable 60 to 10 or so. Since reverting the driver to 398.36 I experience no drops at all in the Kushala's tornado playpen and FPS in the Vale hovers around 55-60 with the aforementioned exception near Vaal's lair.

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2) In game graphics options

The obvious stuff, this has already been covered by

if you want to check their video out, but I'll add my own caveats here. I also turned off the in-game frame limiter in favour of another (I'll get to that). Bear in mind these options represent my preferences and obviously you may feel differently.


The ingame options I'm running are-

  • Resolution Scaling: High
  • Texture Quality: 1024 (DigitalFoundry showed this setting is bugged and doesn't matter)
  • Ambient Occlusion: Low
  • Volume Rendering: Off (As anyone will tell you, this is the big one to turn off. Game looks better for it and it eats your framerate for breakfast)
  • Shadow Quality: High
  • Anti-aliasing: Off (I turned in-game anti-aliasing off and instead turned on FXAA from the Nvidia control panel. Minor performance boost in comparison.)
  • LOD Bias: High
  • Max LOD: No Limit
  • Foliage Sway: On
  • Subsurface Scattering: On
  • Screen Space Reflection: Off (DigitalFoundry not only says this is broken, it actually has a small performance impact)
  • Anisotropic Filtering: High
  • Water Reflection: Off (You won't miss this at all)
  • SH Diffuse Quality: Medium (Not much difference in performance between Med and Low)
  • Dynamic Range: 32-bit
  • Z-Prepass: On

3) Install Special K fix for MHW

Grab it here. For some reason MHW spawns 31 job threads. This mod limits it to the amount of cores your processor has. It also has it's own frame limiter which I use over the ingame one, it's a microscopic performance difference but free frames are free frames.

Be aware that Capcom in the past has had a shitty attitude to harmless modding and has banned people for doing so. It remains to be seen how they feel about it in MHW, given that there's no anti-cheat, but be warned.

4) Disable Motion Blur and Depth of View filters

Dead simple fix that you can do yourself. Thanks to Aemony on the Steam discussion for Special K for this one.

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"If you don't already have one, create a "d3d11_shader.ini" in the game folder with these rows in it:

 d5b7d4ca=Disable d6f5dc02=Disable 

For those of you using ReShade, you only need to add the two Disable rows to the folder since you already have the row."

It's literally that simple. Me and my friends have all done this and the game looks way better for it. Not to mention all you folks out there who get motion sickness.

This is everything I can remember right now. Hopefully all of this is helpful and maybe there are some things that I've missed that others can find. Given that the 1060 is one of the best bang for your buck cards right now I realise there are probably a lot of people in a position like me so I wrote this thread with specifically 1060 users in mind and there were suggestions that I came across that didn't help me or made things worse, but these fixes should all help anyone who wants to get the most out of the game as it currently is (my mates running it from a 960M and just about managing with these changes).

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