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A Critique of Monster Hunter Weapons Not Gooding

MonsterHunterWorld9 - A Critique of Monster Hunter Weapons Not Gooding

For a a large portion of the weapons in the games the main foucs is on a bar that you have to fill up and then it goes away and you have to either keeps it up or lose it and have to get it again. Lest take the long sword for example you do attacks and your spirit gauge fills up you do your spirit combo and if complete it your damage is boosted but it goes away after a while; and now you have two bars you have to keep track of the spirit combo bar and the damage boost bar. And then you do it all again and now you have an even bigger damage boost; but this ones goes away faster and if you lose this one you have to go back to no damage boost. Now it's two bars and the anxiety of worrying about keeping the damage boost for as long as possible and upgrading it to the next level. Speaking of the next level the last damage boost is even better and it last for even less. And depending on what game you play you lose this one after it's over and you can't get it back. This is and awful system bc it feels bad to lose that last buff when you've worked so hard to sustain it and and now you're hard work has left you with a minute of ultra damage boost which you can't even utilize bc right after you get it the monsters destroys your health bar bc of how fucking long the spirit combo is and now you have a good 20 seconds to use your precious damage boost before you loose it. The timer problem would be bad if you could just reget your final boost bc then you can keep that damage going and the monster is overwhelmed and bc of that you can keep those hits comming and keep getting that red spirit gauge back. Basically I'm saying that generations has the best long sword feel bc you can keep regretting the red gauge as well as being paired up with adept hunting style it's feels like Crack. In general the bars are handeled better in generations. I could go on about the other weapons but id just be telling the same basic thing again and again. It's stressful to maintain especially when the monster fucks off all the way across the map and your forced to waste your bar on that painful journey (the dual blades logo fades in). Or when your stamina is wasted when you have to fill up your bar(dual blades start getting more solid and zooming in), but I wouldn't do that to you guys. Or when the gauge refiles too slowly and refiling it with blows takes forever (fading in and zoom of switch axe) okay okay I'm sorry I'll stop, or when your "bar" duration is so low that you have to go through a extremely convoluted upgrade system just to make it longer which also limits your play style to one one thing bc it's just the best bc the duration is the only thing that matters (fade+zoom of kinsect glaive), or when the entire weapon is just a ton of durations that you have too keep track of while trying to do damage(zoom +fade of hunting horn) no wonder nobody uses the hunting horn it takes the worst part of any of the weapons and just makes it the whole conceit of the weapon. I think you get the idea also don't think that just bc you use ranged you get off Scott free you have the same exact problem but instead you keep the duration of the effect of the ammo in your inventory. No wonder the great sword is one of the most popular weapons in the Monster Hunter you don't have to deal with those stupid fucking bars and durations. This could of been completely avoided if instead of having a bar or a duration (((OR BOTH))) you have a multiple combo chain that you can pick from. This is also another really big problem in monster Hunter you have one combo you use bc it has the most DPS potential with only slight variations on the combo to account for the positioning of the monster. Now you might be thinking if this system is so bad why don't you fix; I already have and I fixed both the issues I brought up here's an idea for a long sword type weapon but instead of the spirit combo the trigger will have you charge your sword and depending on how long you hold it for the farther you charge a the monster. Right as your slowing down you can inishaite the post charge combo with any of the other attack buttons including the trigger button to go into any different number of combos which depending on how you manuver your right stick will determine how much you move; say if you use primarily trigger button combo you can manuver the furthest but the damage isn't there compared to what a more heavy attack button centric combo would do. You could even have a separate weapon tree that foucs on charging in more of a semi circle of even a zigzag shape depending on how you manuver your right stick

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And that not even the only one I've come up with you don't even have to stay with in the confines of light attack, heavy attack, special attack/combo starter. You could experiment using the stick to chain combos for certain weapons like the first monster Hunter, That game didn't Handel it very well it was pretty limited and unintuitive but that was over a decade ago. Basically what I'm saying is be better Monster Hunter bc I've wasted over a thousand hours of my time on you and you could be so much better.

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