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A Dark Souls Crossover

MonsterHunterWorld10 - A Dark Souls Crossover

No seriously hear me out.

Aside from the games both being held in such high regard and being somewhat similar in gameplay, they make perfect sense for a crossover. And with world being really exclusivly scaly bois, AND world being a little more ‘realistic’ in its art style, I think it would be perfect with some dark souls enemies.

My two candidates are Darkeater Midir and Kalameet.

Which also makes sense. You use the Kushala Daora or Vaal Hazak skeletons/models to make, cause they’ve got very, very similar overall structure. Their attacks are also rather similar, more so Kushala and Kalameet, so I think a PARTIALLY borrowed moveset would work well for him.

Darkeater Midir would use Xeno’jiivas skeleton, just shrinking down the neck a little, I mean they already have pretty similar head shapes, so it can’t be that difficult. They’ve even got similar moves, using lots of charges, swipes and breath attacks, with Xeno already having a beam attack like Midir.

I’d put Kalameet in the Ancient Forest, and have you fight him in the larger open areas and up high, with Midir either in the recess (with the same areas as Behemoth), or in some form of Xenos special area.

My plot ideas are kinda straight forward for Kalameet, just having reports of a new monster in the new world, and finding black scales around the ancient forest. Eventually you track him down, and have a cutscene of him driving off a Kushala Daoara at the top (on the sleeping area). In my heart I’d have him as a black dragon, just because thats his status in Dark Souls, but he’d probably just be an Elder in world.


My plot ideas for the Midir storyline is a little more involved. The first one would assume he’d be in the elders recess, and would have it play out very similar to the other elders or behemoth, finding corrupted scales and scorch marks, with a Teostra/Nergigante like cutscene.

The other idea I had cooking up in the ol’ brain forge was rather different. This one would assume Midir is given his own area, either a new one similar to Xeno, or Xenos. In this, you’d get reports of something large and powerful in the Everstream, and would go there to fight it. From there, you could either have a Xeno’jiiva optional cutscene style intro, or do something cooler. My idea for cooler is that you go straight to the second area of Xeno’jiiva. From there the scout flies lead you off the edge, and you jump down.

Into Darkeater Midirs arena from DS3. There, you approach a mass of purple and blue, triggering a cutscene. In this scene, the camera pans down and back to reveal Darkeater Midir, in all his abyssal glory, fokken eating Xeno’jiiva. After a few good bites, he turns to the player, growling, before he opens his torn wings fully and roars, starting the fight.

Maybe it’s a pipe dream, but I’m still dreaming. Lmk what you guys think.

TL:DR; Kalameet in the ancient forest, cutscene fight with Kushala. Midir in either the Recess( Behemoth style), or jumping down into the pit at the end of the Xeno fight into Midir’s ds3 arena, then cutscene with Midir eating Zeno and roaring.


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