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A few Rampage tips…

MonsterHunterWorld1 - A few Rampage tips...

I still see a lot of players struggling during rampages so I thought I'd share a few tips. These are mostly for when you are playing in a group but they may help out when you're playing solo as well:

  1. You can place and dismantle the same installation over and over again to complete the objective for placing installations. This will often allow you to place cannons before the first wave even begins.
  2. You can charge the Cannon's thunder shot by holding the Y button down. If you time it right you can inflict a ton of damage on multiple monsters as they are entering the map.
  3. Prioritize the gate crashing monsters with the blue icons over their head. Keeping your gates alive will allow for optimal wyvern artillery placements and it will prevent the need to reposition your installations. It is a good idea to target flying monsters when they appear because they will harass you and prevent you from dealing with the gate crashers.
  4. Wyvernfire Artillery installations act as automated turrets but they will only fire in the direction that their laser is pointing. Make sure that you take the time to set up their aim when you install them. It's a good idea to set these up on both sides of a gate, pointing parallel to the gate and slightly towards the ground. You can also use dragonbait installations to lure monsters while having wyvernfire artillery pointed towards the dragonbait. If you see these kind of setups being done by other players… don't ruin them by placing wyvernfire's yourself in suboptimal locations, thus removing them from those setups.
  5. Splitting Wyvernshots are those massive explosions that you'll occasionally see. These are activated at a lever just like the dragonators. You'll see green lights flanking the lever if it is ready to be used. You really don't want to waste these on weak monsters unless there are a ton of them at the main gate. Even then, they should be saved for the apex/main monster. You can recharge the wyvernshot by shoveling coal into the power kilns. Make sure that it is available when the apex arrives. And don't miss or you will bring shame to your family.
  6. Counter Gongs should be saved for the apex monster as well. Use the gong in the first area when the apex appears so that you can get a decent chunk of damage in while it takes out the first gate and all of the gates in the second area. Use the gong in the second area after the first one expires which will allow you and your party to keep attacking until the final automated counter signal activates.
  7. Speaking of the Counter Signal… when it is active, you need to be attacking the monsters with your own weapon. Do not sit on an installation when a counter signal is active unless you are using the splitting wyvernshot or the dragonator. You will deal so much more damage with your own weapon compared to any of the installations while the counter signal is active.
  8. Save Master Utsushi for the apex wave unless you are fighting Ibushi. Use Master Utsushi when the apex reaches the second area and calls for backup. Using Utsushi will allows you and your party to mount all of those backup monsters and deal a ton of damage to the apex. Ibushi doesn't seem to call for backup though, so this doesn't apply to him.
  9. When you see Ibushi surrounding himself with boulders, shoot those boulders out of the sky with installations or gunner weapons. If you don't manage to shoot the boulders or stun Ibushi, he will hurl them at the final gate.
  10. Don't forget to block with the R button when you are on an installation. The timing of the block is very generous. Just don't forget to keep an eye on your health because you will still take damage when blocking attacks and it can add up. Heal in between rounds as needed.
  11. Certain monsters, like Pukei-Pukei (hold back+heavy attack), have attacks that can inflict statuses on monsters which will help with completing those objectives.
  12. Send guild cards in between rounds. This won't help or anything… I just wanna see more guild cards!
  13. Don't worry too much about any of this. It's nearly impossible to fail a rampage.

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