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A few tips for Kirin (especially since a harder one is approaching)

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Since many people seem to be afraid and excited at the coming arch Kirin or whatever he/she/it is called, I thought I would share what I think are essential skills that will help you survive. Keep in my mind this is my opinion and this will help you survive not kill it quicker (this what I use for tempered Kirin).

Skills are:

  1. Health boost Lv3
  2. Stun Resistance Lv3
  3. Paralysis Resistance Lv3

What this will do is the following, NEVER get one shot by Kirin, NEVER get stunned from getting hit a lot, and NEVER IN YOUR LIFE will you get paralyzed. These 3 skills will ensure your survival every time. As for mantles the thunderproof mantle and vitality mantle are solid choices. Rocksteady mantle can work as well but can be tricky, if you tank 3 hits in a row without any healing you most probably will cart. Max potions are your friend here, always use megapotions too and there is no shame in going back to camp and picking up more potions (I always do).


I also suggest having an armor with 10+ thunder resist and maxed out at least (not augmented but that helps too). As one who never uses any sets that are mixed, I always use the Kirin beta armor set itself, reason is it has a very high thunder resist and tons of lv1 slots that will easily allow you to get all 3 skills I mentioned above.

As for Weapon choice use whatever you feel comfortable with, myself I always felt the greatsword for this elder to be a very good choice. Try to always hit the head especially when it's enraged since your weapon will bounce off unless you have ESP (forgot what it's called in world), which you can solve if you have a weapon with elder seal but i prefer weapons with fire element for Kirin like the Rathalos weapons.

Happy Hunting

Now we wait for Lunastra

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