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A few tips for people who started with MHW and started MHGU

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I thought a few pointers would help get into the mood of an older game! Here goes:

  • If you use Gesture > Wave while looking at a Guild Balloon in the sky, it reveals the location of the Large monster on the map

  • Pressing L3 will change the zoom on the map; yellow borders outlines climbable walls

  • You need to use a Paintball on Large monsters if you wish them to stay revealed on your mini map. Paintballs last roughly 10 minute.

  • If a monster is painted while the mini map is zoomed in, the zone number will be highlighted if the target is in an adjacent zone

  • The map is not revealed at all times, but a map is available in the blue box at camp during every quest

  • Item delivery quests have to be delivered manually; you do that with the red box at camp. With no fast travel, farcaster will be handy from time to time.

  • Arts and Styles are equipped at your item box in your room. New to MHGU, you can select 1 or multiple of your arts as SP (depending on your style)

  • SP is a new buff, using an art that is SP will give it to you and your group and the effect differs alongside the equipped Style

  • There is a solo and a group progression in old MH games. Hubs can be accessed online or offline, but it's always a "multiplayer" progression. Villages and the Soaratorium are your "Solo" progression. While you can solo multiplayer quests from the hub, you cannot play the solo quests with a group, but they are scaled down accordingly.

  • If you wish to progress fast to unlock your hunter rank, look up "key quests" online to see which quests you have to do to unlock urgent quests. Be aware that urgent quests are completed only for the hunter that selected the quest in the first place.

  • Whetstones, pickaxes and bug nets are a consumable in this game, don't forget to bring some

  • Pressing X in a village will reveal the travel map; whenever an NPC has a request for you, look for a Yellow or Red bubble above the area name. You can fast travel anywhere at anytime outside quests.

  • You flex when you drink, be mindful when you heal. Also it is not possible to cancel out of an animation such as drinking or sharpening.

  • There are various camera and control options, skim through the option menu for something to your liking. If you press + > Hunters's Notes you can find explanations for the control schemes

  • You cannot roll backwards after an attack but look for other options with styles (Some arts have i-frames, Valor has a special sheathing animation and Adept upgrades your dodge roll)

  • Palico quests can only be completed as a palico (brown quests in the log), but as a palico you can complete any quests. You go into Prowler mode through the Palico board in your room (or the Palico ranch)

  • Palico have infinite stamina, are immune to cold/heat, have infinite tools (pickaxe, nets), have no need to sharpen. They can't use items, but can eat for food buffs. Because of this they are the best class for any gathering or transportation quests.

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