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A fun challenge me and my friends came up with. The Ultimate Survival Run.

MonsterHunterWorld1 - A fun challenge me and my friends came up with. The Ultimate Survival Run.

So after playing the game literally since release either alone or with my friends, we were seeking that kind of spice that regular jewelfarming is just not giving any longer.
So while beeing on a expedition to run around and farm some consumables, my friend complained that the gathering mechanics are not appreicated enough in this game. He was right.
Once you kill Arch Tempered monsters on a regular basis, you will hardly have to actually do a lot of farming or gathering in the actual maps besides the occasional pick up like Bugs, Honey or some Ammoshells.
So we decided to think of a cool and challenging way to make Survival in these maps exciting.

Introducing the Fifth Fleets most id*otic self imposed challenge: The Survival Run !

~ !! Part 1 – The Rules: !! ~

-Weapon of your choosing either Iron or Bone variant Level 1.
-Maps are played on High Rank
-No Armor (Layered Armor allowed)
-No Charms
-No Mantels or Boosters (more on that Later)
-Absolutely no Items that can be choosen by the player besides the essentials like the BBQ, Net, Wheatstone, Fishingrod, etc.
-No Ammo for Gunners besides Normal 1
-No eating before the Challenge, no cooking by the Handler, Meowscular Chef or the Gathering Hall meals.
-No Palico companion

-All Items your Hunter uses have to be either crafted or collected by the Maps fauna and flora.
(You will be killing Mobs to gather meat, collect plants and craft all of your items like healing potions, grilled meat, etc on the map)
-The Weapon of your choice in the Iron or Bone category must each have a individual Upgrade allready crafted from the Weapontree.
Meaning that if you choose the Iron Longsword for example, you must have crafted each of the variants down the choosen path allready to change equipment at your Camp during the Challenge
-Returning to Astera will stop the Challenge all together, so be prepared to stay on the Map for the required steps
-You are allowed to put items into your Itembox once your Inventory is full, but you are not allowed to take any materials out.

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-No Items from any NPCs like the First Wyverians or friendly Palicos (but Ghajalaka drops are fine.)
BONUS RULES: No Hud (if you are feeling cheeky)

~ !! Part 2 – The Hunt !! ~

You will Drop in at the first camp and start your Hunting.
The first few minutes will be either spend tracking down the Monster or Gathering Items

Any of the 3 present Monsters on the map can be hunted down.

What does "Leveling Up" mean exactly ?

Each Monster you successfully kill will give you the Opportunity get one potential reward: REWARDLIST:

–You will be allowed to get one of these rewards each time you slay a large monster–

~ Go up one tier with your weapon of choice (No switching of weapons or changing material.)

~ Choose a Armorpiece of your choosing (No Jewels, Upgrades allready put on are allowed since we did not want to bother crafting new armor all together either, Gamma pieces are allowed too)

~ Choose either a Mantel or a Booster of your choice

–The Level Up can neither be reversed or changed, once you pick a Armorpiece or a Mantel/Booster, you will not be allowed to change them with any other item in their respected slot, no no changing of helmets, chest, gauntlets, belts or boots and no changing of mantels and boosters once you picked them. Weaponupgrades are not subject to change either and diverging from the Iron – Bone Weapontree for Monster specific upgrades are not allowed–

Once you have successfully killed up to 10 (or however many you want to do) Monsters, the end of the challenge arrives.

~ !! Part 3 – The last challenge !! ~

The end of the Challenge is achieved once your Hunter has managed to kill the required amount of Monsters of your choosing (but we tought 10 was a nice number), you shall head back to camp and talk to the Handler to choose a Elder Dragon fight that can be held at the same map as the one you choose to play the Challenge on.

– Ancient Forest –
-Kushala Daora

– Wildspire Waste-
– Nergigante
– Lunastra

– Teostra

– Coral Highlands –
– Kirin

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– Rotten Vale –
– Vaal Hazak

– Elders Recess –
– Nergigante
– Lunastra

– Teostra

– Xeno´jiiva

– Behemoth

-All Items and Equipment gathered throughout the challenge will be carried over to the Elder Dragon fight, no restocking of Ammo or Items in the Itembox is allowed, neither are Meals from the Handler

– The fight against the Elder Dragon carries out like any other fight.
Once you manage to Kill the Dragon, the Challenge will be seen as completed.

– There is no exact reward to this challenge besides some Fun with your friends or Solo, you will also get a ton of materials from gathering and killing Monsters.

You are also allowed to choose the Level of Difficulty for the Elder Dragon from Normal, Tempered to Arch Tempered.
You are also allowed to switch out the Elder Dragon fight for a Tempered Devil Jho (You madman..)

Happy Hunting, everyone. This challenge was really fun to do and create along the way. I hope you will all have fun doing it too. But hey, you do not have to follow all the rules or whatever, this is a reddit post, not a cop.

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