Monster Hunter World

A greenhorn’s guide to the Greatsword

MonsterHunterWorld2 - A greenhorn's guide to the Greatsword

The Greatsword is quite possibly the greatest weapon to ever exist. Justifiably, you would like to learn how to use it. Fortunately for you, I just so happen to suck at using it, so you can hear from a seasoned fuck-up how not to use the Greatsword, and vice versa.

You're a big motherfucker. You are slow. Very, very fucken slow. Know what that means? You're very, very easy to hit. Don't get cocky with your combos. Roll in, hit, roll out. Just cuz you see a window doesn't mean it exists, know what I mean? Monster down? Perfect! Slap that bitch with a True Charged Slash, but try not to linger too long afterward. That being said, when you see the monster start getting up, don't bitch out and roll out of the combo to avoid getting hit. Finish what you started, pussy.

Exist as loudly as possible. You have the hardest hitting weapon in the game, cuz you aren't some shitlord SnS user. However, you can still be a shitlord Greatsword user. The monster's out there kickin ass, you're scared, I get it. But what in Gog's great anus are you doing in the next zone over? Don't be a bitch, you're not a bitch. The monster's the bitch. Get in there, and make the monster your bitch. Take your 85 pound Greatsword and stomp right back in there and Chris Brown that motherfucker. Hit the monster till it's down, then make sure it knows your fuckin name. Ya know Derrick? Your best friend you've known since grade school? Helped you through a lot of hardships? Fuck Derrick. Your new best friend is the True Charged Slash, and the heapin hunk of metal that comes with it. It's really the only combo you need to know, because your not some fancy fuck with a set of kitchen knives.


Don't exist TOO loudly. Okay, you're gettin into the groove of hitting the attack button over, and over, and over. And sometimes holding it, which is harder then it seems. However, could you please abstain from running in and getting waffle-stomped by the damn thing walking on you? There are several methods at your disposal in order to not get fucked. This includes: stepping out of the way, rolling out of the way, blocking it with your sword cuz you're a badass, or shoulder-bashing the monster in the face before it hits you. The first two are self explanatory. However, did you know you can hold your sword in such a way that lets you block hits? It's not the most powerful block, but it does the job. Don't use this as an excuse to sit there and get ass-blasted by a lazer beam, however. You'll die and everyone will hate you and you'll deserve it. OR, you can use your puny human shoulder to smash that fuckers nose bone. Monster chargin at you like Miss Pacman whoring herself out to ghosts? Break it's fuckin nose. It can be tricky to pull off, as timing is very important. I recommend practicing against the tree in the training area, there's no way you can fuck that up. If you feel really competent in your abilities, you can try against a Jagras or some shit.

So, that's really the basics of the Greatsword. It's big, and your slow. Physically. Hopefully this guide can help you to not be the other kind of slow. Don't be a fuck-up, and make sure everyone knows how much better you are than them. Cheers.

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