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A guide (and build) to the Paramancer: A mixed support SnS set.

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I'm not going to open with anything fancy; I'm a nobody. But I have, what I think, the best mixed SnS set between support and doing a reasonable amount of damage. I call it The Para-mancer. (Para for paralysis attack and airborne boosts, and -mancer for Mushroomancer).

Before I begin, I want to thank Here
is the direct link to the build. Warning: This takes an obscene amount of rare decorations. For those of you wanting a tabular arrangement, here you go:

ItemBase Stats/AugmentDecoration Slot(s)Decoration
Grand Barong IISlot, Health, Attack3-1-0Flinch Free, Free Meal
Kulve Taroth's Fury βFree Elem, Agitator2-1-0Mushroomancer (x2)
Lumu Mail βMaster Mounter1-0-0Mushroomancer
Empress Vambraces βWide Range (x2)3-2-0Recovery Up (x2)
Kulve Taroth's Malice βFree Elem, Handicraft3-1-0Free Elem, Recovery Up
Empress Greaves αWide Range (x2), Health Boost (x2)2-1-0Airborne, Wide Range
Immobilize Charm IIIParalysis Attack (x3)

For a grand total of:

  • Wide Range 5/5
  • Recovery Up 3/3
  • Paralysis Attack 3/3
  • Free Elem 3/3
  • Mushroomancer 3/3
  • Health Boost 2/3
  • Handicraft 1/5
  • Master Mounter 1/1
  • Airborne 1/1
  • Agitator 1/5
  • Free Meal 1/1
  • Flinch Free 1/3
  • Lunastra Favor 2/4 (Stamina Cap Up)

The basics of the build are very simple: Rotate between paralyzing the monster using a combo like and mounting it with a Falling Slash (after using a Charge Slash) to give your teammates time to do damage.

Before starting a fight, use your three points in Mushroomancer to buff the team with Nitroshrooms, Parashrooms, Toadstools, and Devil's Blights. You can use an Exciteshroom to randomize one of those effects if you're feeling comical, but its not needed. Mandragora's are there as your personal Max Potions (they do not stack with Wide Range). You are the team's medic. If someone is low, you munch on a Blue Mushroom and heal them for the full effect plus +30% (Wide Range 5 + Recovery Up 3).

When the team doesn't need healing, you are pummelling that monster with your 330 Paralysis attacks (Free Elem 3 + Paralysis Attack 3) and mounting them with your Master Mounter and Airborne boosted jump attacks.

Honestly, that's it. Every other boon this set is just gravy. Its very simple to use and a ton of fun to run around tripping on 'shrooms and making it so the big scary monsters can't do anything to your buddies.

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