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A guide for the Lance[Very long post]

MonsterHunterWorld6 - A guide for the Lance[Very long post]

Hi everyone my name is Ikati and i am a Lance main i have over 900 hours in Monster Hunter World playing the lance and i mostly play solo and do TA runs

After so many hours i have put into the weapon i want to make a guide for all aspiring lance mains out there as well as offer my lance builds for everyone

First of all i would like to start with the philosophy of the lance

While in game it is described as a defensive weapon i don't want to you to think of it like that and turtling behind your shield.Instead think of the weapon like this:I defend and counter to keep the damage up and not to stay alive

Because i am on PC I am going to use the Y instead of the triangle and the B instead of the Circle

So let's Begin with the moveset of the Lance.I will not cover every move available of the lance since there are many tutorials out there and because Lance is not about combos but about monster knowledge and positioning.I will only cover those moves that i believe are misused and can benefit you greatly if you know their potential.Those moves are:Counter Thrust,Power Guard,Guard Dash and Dash Attack .I will leave a link
lance - A guide for the Lance[Very long post]

here if you want to see alll the moves that are available for the lance


You can perform the counter thrust by:

1.Standing still and pressing R2+B

2.B while holding your shield

3.R2+B while you are in the middle of a combo

When the attack can be blocked it automatically performs a counter and allows you to continue to attack also because the counter thrust resets your combo the attack itsself counts as the first hit of your 3 attack combo

If the attack is weak the counter comes out automatically but if the attack is strong it pushed back the hunter and teh couter thrust does not happen.Of course this can be fixed with the guard skill(more on that later)

The counter thrust is a core move to the lance gameplay as it allows you to continue attacking while standing still and the effectivness of the move depends on your knowledge of the monster

This move is the equivalent of the roll and what makes the "switch" from another melee weapon to the lance


The power guard can be performed by holding the shield(R2) then pressing B and X

In this state you can guard yourself from any direction but it consumes stamina(the stamina consumption stops the moment you get hit)

From power guard you can combo into:

1.Leaping thrust by pressing Y(a weak attack but a decent gap closer)

2.Dash Attack (pressing Y+B)

3.Counter Thrust(pressing B)Counter thrust can be aimed in any direction

Power guard is a very important tool for the lance as it can be used as an anticipation move(monster is about to roar or attack so you power guard and wait for it) or to change the direction of the hunter(the monster charged at you you power guarded to sheild from the attack and now it is behind you so you counter thrust behind you thus turning around and hitting it at the same time).Same rules with the POWER GUARD apply here.The stronger the move of the monster is the further you will be pushed back BUT the COUNTER THRUST attack which comes after can only be performed manually

The difference between POWER GUARD and COUNTER TRHUST is that the POWER GUARD significantly decreases the knockback and chip damage


GUARD DASH FORWARD can be performed:

1.GUARD DASH FORWARD:Standind still by pressing R2+Y+Forward and while you are Mid combo by pressing R2+Y+Forward

2.GUARD DASH BACK:Mid combo only by pressing R2+Y+Back

3.GUARD DASH LET/RIGHT:Mid combo only by pressing R2+Y+the coresponding direction

GUARD DASH can lead to SHIELD ATTACK by executing GUARD DASH then press Y(the damage from the shield is counds as Impact Damage) and can lead to LEAPING THRUST by executing GUARD DASH the press B

This is (in my opinion )the most underused and underappreciated move of the lance and what separates the experience lance mains from the rest.GUARD DASH has guarding capabilities meaning that you block any attack while repositioning which makes it one of the best movement tools the Lance have in its arsenal.I have to point out here that the Guard Up decoration(for those who don't know) allows you to block unblockable attacks WHILE YOUR SHILED IS UP meaning the Guarding capabilites from the decoration transfer to GUARD DASH(I say that because many people believe that you can only block unblockable attacks by power guarding.This is obviously wrong as long as you have the decoration you can block the unblockable attack by just holding your shield) .Since Lance is all about positioning there is no other tool in your arsenal which will give you more options. You can close distances safely in the middle of a monster attack or get to safety.The usage of this move will become more and more apparent if you practice the Lance yourself.


DASH ATTACK can be performed by:

1.Pressing R2+Y+B

2.Holding your shield and pressing Y+B

3.During POWER GUARD by pressing Y+B

4.Any time you slide or you are mid air by pressing R2

and can lead to

1.Finishing Thrust:By pressing Y or B(if the Hunter has the Aura around him by sprinting the attack it performs is named Finishing Twin Thrust and is a 2 hit attack)

2.Reverse Attack:By pressing Back and Y

3.Advancing Jump Forward Attack:By pressing Forward+X+Y(This counts as Mounting Damage)

You can also move left and right during the animation by pressing left/right and X or turn around by pressing back and X

You can stop the DASH ATTACK by pressing the R2 which puts you in guard state or just by pressing X

This move lets you charge towards while consuming stamina(throw all your Initial D memes here) The Lance will deal continuous damage to any target to any target it touches and ends when you are out of stamina and tears your sharpness in no time

First of all DASH ATTACK leads to the most powerfull move the lance has.Finishing Thrust is the most damaging attack of the Lance and part of your damage rotation and a very good BUT VERY RISKY gap closer.Generally your damage rotation must be 3 Mid/High trusts followed by Finishing Thrust.Of course you will not always have opportunity to pull it off you mostly use this move when the monster is down BUT the Reverse Attack is interesting and worth mention its capabilities.

The Reverse Attack deals the same damage as the Finishing Thrust but has not recovery frames compared to the Finishing Thrust meaning you can go from the Reverse Attack to your 3Mid/High thrust combo without any delays but given the nature of the attack it is very hard to pull off. You may try to run over a monster's head while it is down and Reverse Attack to keep up the damage but you will find out that the angle is wierd given the aera of the swipe attack and may not hit its target.Again the knowledge for using the attack comes from experience.

is my TA run against Xeno it, it is worth seeing it and see the usage of the DASH ATTACK yourself


1.Your most damaging combo for raw lances is the 3Mid/High Thrust combo followed by the Finishing Thrust.For elemental Lances you just do the 3Mid/High Thrust combo and reset with a hop or a quick COUNTER THRUST

2.The guard decoration reduces the chip damage,knockback and the recovery frames of your COUNTER THRUST but the amount of Guard you need depends on the monster and it is up to personal preference and experience. For example i use 1 Guard against Teostra,Rathalos,Diablos 3 Guard against Black Diablos and Deviljho and 0 Guard against Nergigante

3.Mid Thrust and High Thrust have the same motion values(do the exact same damage).Mid thrust has more ground reach and High Thrust more vertical reach

4.There is a small delay between your Mid/High Thrusts which allow the attacks to come some frames after.Say you want to hit Teostra in its tail while he swipes with it. You can actually delay the attacks to match the movement of the tail and hit it 3 times instead of pushing B and hope for the best.


5.Pressing L2 and R2 you can move backwards while your shiled is in front of you. You can also GUARD DASH BACK/LEFT/RIGHT while in this state.Want to escape Behemoth's tornado without getting hit?Well there you go!

6.These are the attacks (so far) that can be blocked with the Guard Up Decoration

Teostra Supernova

Vaal Hazak Effluvial Cloud

Deviljho Pin(you must be behind or left and right from its legs) and Devour Attacks

Kirin Straight Heavy Lightning Bolt

Xeno'jiva Continuous Horizontal Laser beam

Kulve Taroth Fire Breath

Behemoth Belly-flop and Ground Fireburst

7.This is my personal advice to all aspiring Lance mains.Lance is a very solid weapon and a good matchup for any monster.Mastering it will allow you to kill any monster(even Behemoth) solo.If you plan on picking up the weapon i wholeheartedly encourage you to leave your palico behind and practice the weapon alone


I will cover any build from the start of the game till now

If you are starting the game now and want to pick up lance up untill Nergigante and the other elder dragons i suggest you pick the Iron tree lance and upgrade it to the nergigante variation the Perdition's Hand and craft whatever piece of gear provides ou with the Guard decoration.If you want to to take it one step further you can craft 3 parts from Uragaan set and get the Guard Up decoration.

High End Starting Lance(Right After the Xeno Fight),95,74,80,78,80,2,aff,health,0,0,0,0,16,0,0,16,0,0,16,0,0,26,0,0,5,0,0,3

This is the best Lance set before Lunastra KT and Behemoth.If you want to impliment guard on the build you can remove the Attack gem for 1 guard, or the charm for the guard one(making it a 3 guard lance).If you want Guard Up in the mix remove one Critical decoration for one.

Kulve Tarroth and Lunastra Lances

Lunastra's Lance 3 Guard,114,103,84,76,100,83,health,0,0,16,16,0,57,90,0,5,5,5,5,5,49,16,0,0,49,49,0,2

Lunastra's Lance 0 Guard,114,103,84,94,100,2,health,0,0,16,16,0,16,90,0,5,5,5,5,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,0,3

Taroth Crest Claw 0 Guard,114,80,80,78,100,65,aff,health,0,0,0,0,16,16,0,5,5,0,26,0,0,16,0,0,5,5,0,3

Taroth Crest Claw 3 Guard,86,98,79,77,76,2,aff,health,0,0,0,0,26,0,0,5,0,0,49,0,0,0,0,0,49,49,0,3

These are the best available Lance sets right before the Behemoth and the Arch tempered Monsters.I have 2 variations in case you don't have the Taroth Crest Claw

Lances sets for the Behemoth Fight

Taroth Crest Claw,114,98,103,76,100,2,health,aff,0,0,0,0,44,90,0,49,0,0,26,77,0,59,0,0,49,49,0,3

(switch the charm to the guard one if you don't have available guard decos, it is better to have guard in this fight)

Lunastra's Lance,114,103,84,76,100,83,health,0,0,77,59,0,57,90,0,5,5,5,5,5,49,16,0,0,49,49,0,2

These are the best available Lances for the Behemoth fight(before you have access to the Drachen set)You may think the Deviljho lance is good but you will be wrong

Best Lance sets(Behemoth and Arch Tempered gear included)

Lunastra's Lance 0 Guard,118,107,107,101,107,2,health,0,0,90,90,0,90,5,0,32,0,0,32,32,0,13,13,0,13,0,0,3

Lunastra's Lance 3 Guard,118,107,107,101,107,23,health,0,0,90,90,0,90,5,0,32,0,0,32,32,0,13,13,0,13,0,0,3

Lunastra's Lance for the Behemoth Fight,118,107,107,101,107,23,health,0,0,90,90,0,90,5,0,32,0,0,32,32,0,59,77,0,13,0,0,3

Taroth Crest Claw 0 Guard,118,107,107,101,107,65,att,health,0,0,0,0,32,5,0,32,0,0,90,90,0,90,26,0,32,0,0,3

Taroth Crest Claw 3 Guard,118,103,107,105,107,65,att,health,0,0,0,0,26,5,0,49,49,49,90,90,0,90,0,0,32,0,0,3

Taroth Crest Claw for the Behemoth Fight,118,107,107,105,100,65,att,health,0,0,0,0,26,30,0,49,0,0,90,90,0,59,0,0,49,49,0,3

The Lunastra sets are for those who still struggle with the RNG of Kulve(i feel sorry for you)

Fire Lance 0 Guard,119,60,108,58,108,65,health,0,0,8,0,0,90,16,0,5,0,0,16,0,0,16,0,0,44,5,0,3

Fire Lance 3 Guard,119,60,108,58,108,65,health,0,0,8,0,0,90,16,0,49,0,0,49,0,0,16,0,0,44,49,0,3

This is the only worthy elemental lance we have available on PC. Works wonders on Kirin and Vaal

If i made any mistakes while writing this feel free to point them out so i can fix them

Here is my youtube channel.I do TA runs and stream a lot.Feel free to pass by and ask any questios about the Lance.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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