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A Guide on Kushala’s Wind Levels

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I’ve been blown away recently on how much misinformation has spreading around on this topic, so I decided to make this guide to help turn Kushala’s fight into a breeze. I literally stormed out of my last class to start working on this and everything.

Cheat sheet provided at the bottom!


What I tested against:

  • Wind Aura level 1 and 2,
  • Wind Breath level 1 and 2,
  • Tornado Attack level 1 and 2.

More video proof coming soonish!


But first, here’s a showcase of what it looks like without any wind resistances (or not strong enough resistances). Level 1 makes you cover your head from the wind, whereas Level 2 makes you slide on your hands (takes longer to recover from this).

Level 1 Wind Aura: <


Now, for the tornado attack:

Windproof 5 will protect you against the smaller, see-though one, but not the inner hitbox, obviously.

Windproof 5 will not protect you against the bigger tornado and not even when combined with super armor.

Now, this is interesting because this means that Capcom has decided Dragon Wind was not powerful enough and went ahead with making an even more powerful level.


Hunting Horn Wind Negate (Revised)

You probably think you already know the answer, so please don’t leave quite yet.

Regular level Hunting Horn Wind Negate will work against level 1 of Kushala’s wind aura and breath

However, it fails against both of his level 2 counterparts.


Wind Negate DOES work against Kushala’s smaller tornado.

Obviously, it does not work against the big tornado.



Hunting Horn ALL Wind Negate (Finished)

I cannot stress that enough. For whatever reason, Capcom decided to make two different levels of wind negate for Hunting Horn, and it has confused some people when I tell them that ALL wind negate works.

It works for his smaller tornado and breath…



Kushala Armor Set Bonus

Kushala’s armor has the same power as all wind negate, meaning it covers even the level 2 tornado and everything else by default.


Wind Resist Cheat Sheet

Lv1 AuraLv2 AuraLv1 BreathLv2 BreathLv1 TornadoLv2 Tornado
Windproof 3YESYESYES
Windproof 5YESYESYES


Whew, that really winded me. Hopefully this clears up the cloudy information surrounding Kushala’s wind levels. Obviously, Kush’s armor set is the same level as ALL wind negate, and the same goes for Rock Steady Mantle. Though, I don’t recommend walking through the center hitbox with Rock Steady, unless you have a death wish.

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