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A guide to: AT Nergigante

MonsterHunterWorld7 - A guide to: AT Nergigante

Hello hunters! I've been killed enough that I think I can make a good enough guide for you guys to understand Nergigante abit more!

Now that he is Arch Tempered, he does more damage and can one shot you, so keep that in mind. He starts at the same place behemoth starts, so use that knowledge to spawn appropriately. This area has, you guessed it, 2 destructable boulders! Use those to your advantage to do maximum DPS while he is knocked down.

Now, Nergigante has a new move where he spins around from where he is facing and does a counter slam. This. This is destructive. People who have never fought AT Nerg must keep this in mind. See the new move and the consequences it may bring. However, a simple solution would be merely evading away from WHERE HE IS FACING. If he faces you and is about to do it, merely evade away from him. When he does the counter slam, his head will face away from you, and his slam will be in front of you. It will miss. Don't worry. Trial and error everybody! I died many times to this guy.

The weapons that I strongly recommend are weapons with high mobility or weapons with guard potential. These 2 are key in whether you survive an attack or not. Let's start with high mobility weapons.

With high mobility, you can easily switch around positions faster than the speed of light. Evading is much faster and repositioning is easier. You can easily run away if something happens, which not many other weapons can do. The 2 main weapons I recommend with high mobility is the SnS and LBG. LBG allows for easy status effects, and if you use the Empress Shell "Styx", you get rapid fire thunder, which is Nergigante's weakness. As for SnS, it's easy to use items and slingers, and if you build for it, you can make a support build which will assist your friends greatly. Now, off to weapons with guard potential.

These weapons would be: GS, CB, Lance, GL, HBG, SnS.

The power that guarding has is absolutely useful and is the reason I stopped carting after some time. However, do note, that you would need some points into guard. This is EXTREMELY important. Not having enough stamina to guard a consecutive attack or counter will result in your death. Another thing to note, chip damage. This is the reason why people die when they guard. Nergigante's chip damage is absolutely barbaric. With just his chip damage, he can easily kill you in a blink. An easy solution that I highly recommend would be getting DB3. This helps lessen the chip damage and improves your sustainability. If you're wondering, no, you don't need a guard up. It isn't needed. None of Nergigante's attacks are unblockable. They just take ALOT of stamina and health off of you. Keep that in mind when building for AT Nerg.

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Another thing for guarding weapons while I'm at it. When you have temporal equipped, don't block. It's better for temporal to kick in than to get chip damaged by Nergigante.

Another thing to note, is your shot calling. When you're damaged and is still in his line of sight with his aggro, make the right choice. If you know you can guard or sustain until a friend takes aggro off of you, continue fighting. If you know that you will die, run away. There is no cowardice in running. If it helps keep the carts away, it's better. Having a good shot call is detriment to surviving Nergigante.

Now, let's talk flashes. You have only 3 flashes, as far as I know, against AT Nergigante and basically all tempered and arch tempered monsters. Use them at appropriate timings. I would rather you let him dive to destroy his spikes, then use a flash for a bad DPS phase. Use the flashes wisely. Only use it when you know you're in danger. I've seen people think they can flash him as many times as they so damn well please, only to die to an immune Nergigante.

Some other things to note. When using LS, you will be better off learning his moveset before entering a lobby. Foresight works wonders in AT Nerg, but only if you know his moveset properly. If you don't, I'd suggest using one of the weapons above. Don't go for a full DPS build. Put some sustainability in your build, like HB3 and RS3. This works especially well against chip damage, as it quickly recovers the red portion of your health. Try not to get him to run back to his small cave when he limps. It's better off fighting him in a larger area than a smaller area. Use crystalburst to attract his attention back to you. When he limps away, fire one and continue the fight there until he dies.

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That's all! Hope you guys find this useful, and I hope you guys get to bring him down and get his full gamma set. Happy hunting!


While I'm at it, always remember to let Nergigante do his turf war with Kushala/Teostra! It's important that you do this, because it determines whether you will be fighting one monster, or 2 monsters at the same time. And mind you, they're both AT!

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