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A long shot.

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I want to find my old friends from Monster Hunter 3 Tri.

Ive looked online for about an hour now. Reddit search, google, nintedo forums…I just can't find anything.

So I thought I would make a post about it.

Any prideful 3 Tri veteran would remember those lobbies in Loc Lac where you would all gather around a bench, sit down, and just chat for literally hours at a time. Yes, literally. You know who you are.

I had 2000+ hours in that game, and 70% were probably just for being a socialite alone. Just talking about god knows what. I miss that shit.

Take it a step higher.

Unfortunately, I was guilty of at least one of these, (I grew out of this), but there were also Role Players, online daters, and catfishers. I was involved with all of this and it was a huge part of my life at the time to be online on this game.

I was a young teen dealing with some social anxieties at the time so it was an escape. I was 16 at the time, and now it is 2018. Tri was there for me back then, Or rather the people I met on there.

I just remember always being on, and always being happy when I was chatting online with my social group. It was fairly large too. Always someone on to talk to and chill. It was the best.

I want to find anyone from this group. Someone. It could be one person even. I just hope this reaches you guys. I hope the post gets big enough and seen by a lot of people. Or hell, I would also love to hear about your guy's experiences on Tri, socially. Who you were and the people you talked to. Hell, maybe you can even find your old social group(s) and have a chat, catch up or whatever.


The privacy of the users I am trying to find would be nearly impossible to comprimise. I am solely going by usernames. Here are all of the ones I remember. If your username is recognized and you don't want it on here for whatever reason, message me. But here they are:







Ryuh (or) Ryah (or something, I cant remember how it was spelled)



Gina (also had an alt, and I can't rememver what. Active on both).

mickey (am still in contact with mickey)

There are a few I forgot. But if you remember any of these users yourself, that would be awesome to reconnect, or hell I might remember you too. I excluded a few others whom I still talk to, but that was a small group but the one listed above has a lot more connections. Or rather the users above have a lot of connections and were mostly just the users that I talked to.

I will have more time to proofread this post, but thats as much as I can type or edit until 4 hours from now or so.

And if any of you were curious, my Monster hunter 3 tri username was: Gib2

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