Monster Hunter World

a massive list of potentially unpopular monster hunter opinions

MonsterHunterWorld10 - a massive list of potentially unpopular monster hunter opinions

combined total of like 4000 hours in this series so im gonna dump a bunch of my supreme expert opinons

the way great sword works in MHW is dumb, i hate it, i hate it, i hate it, give me old gs

rajang is arguably one of the easiest monsters in the entire franchise, his AI is horrible and easy to exploit, especially in g-rank

crimson fatalis in 4U is the hardest monster in the entire franchise (ignoring 140/apex/at variations)

I vastly prefer the goofy monster design in the third and fourth generations over the approach taken in first,second, and fifth generations of monster hunter.

the hunter arts are super super awesome and i think they should be brought back, however, the two evasion arts were way too good and rendered most other arts useless on most weapons.

im tired of getting kicked from high level rooms cause i picked gunlance, take your min maxing bullshit somewhere else you bunch of fucking elitists

I think every single weapon type should benefit more from having good element than having good raw, even hammer and great sword. I encourages making more of a single weapon type instead of having a single do it all weapon

underwater combat is super bad, pls stop asking for them to bring it back ppl it sucks

nerscylla is the coolest monster

brave mode SNS should be the default of how the weapon works, the movement is great and fun and super unique to the weapon.

the way CB works in MHGU is superior to the way it works in MH4U and especially MHW. While not as powerful, it encourages full use of both axe mode and sword mode.

Switch axe is super awkward a weapon and frankly, i think it needs a total rework. Design it in a way more akin to CB in MHGU, where both modes are equally emphasized and important.


I prefer the way the areas work in older mh games rather than the open world approach taken in mhw.

the way drinking potions works in MHW is just as good as the way it works in older games, they're equally punishing its just down to preferences.

Brave mode LS counter window is seriously not as tight as people act like it is.

prior to MHW, gunning was super boring and not fun at all.

MH3 had the best areas

MHGU has too many areas

the only area i like in MHW is wildspire waste

the AT system in MHW is dumb as hell and i seriously hope they ditch it in iceborne or overhaul it so it's not so dumb.

the crossover events in MHW are some of the coolest fights in the game and I hope they do more of them.

I prefer to play monster hunter on my 3ds than other consoles, dunno why.

Frontier has really bad monster design.

I would prefer they keep doing expansions for MHW rather than make a new MH game.

Hyper monsters are more interesting than Frenzy monsters

MHFU isn't as good as any other game featuring g-rank. 3U is still a better game.

the best MH game right now is MHGU. yeah, it's better than 4U

KT is just a way shittier version of the way endgame worked in 4U, which was already shitty and annoying.

Tigrex is dumb why do you ppl like him so much

Lucent Nargacuga is the most interesting special variant a monster has gotten

Xeno jiiva is the worst end game boss monster.

Ahtal Ka is the best end game boss monster.

i probably have more but i cant think of any.

but ya i hope u enjoyed my super good and accurate opinions on this series

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