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A message to new players who don’t seem to understand the concept of reusing assets.

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Radobaan, Uragaan…

Jyuratodus, Lavasioth…

Anjanath, Deviljho…

Teostra, Lunastra…

And of course… The subspecies…

Reusing assets is more than just reskinning.

It's Capcom's easy way of adding new monsters into the game.

Take Rathalos & Rathian for example.

Very similar in terms of design, right? Now look at their battles.

They're totally different. Rathian has more land-based combat as well as a signature tail flip that Rathalos never does.

And Rathalos has more sky-based combat with an almost completely different moveset.

And besides… If you've hunted every monster in the game & actually paid attention to their movesets… You should already know this by now.

Also… Have you noticed there are 10 monsters in World that share the same Flying Wyvern model?


Are their fights the same? No. Of course not.

If Capcom made absolutely every monster completely unique, it would be very hard to add new monsters into the game as well as take excruciatingly long development time.

And I'm still not done. Let's take a look at the real world.

There isn't just one of every species. There are many different kinds of birds, sharks, insects… And so much more. It's unreasonable to think that there would only be one type of everything. Not all animals act the same either.

So I hope you're all ready for the upcoming Oroshi Kirin update. It's a subspecies of Kirin that uses Ice instead of Electricity.

Are you gonna call that a reskin, to? I sure hope not.

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